Blogging is no longer something that is reserved for younger people with ridiculous sneaker collections. It has become part of the professional world, and a way in which professional in any industry can share their expertise and knowledge. 

Nowadays, you may tick all the boxes for your career to take off, but there needs to be something that makes you stand out. Blogging is one of those ways because it gives you a boost and might help you stand out from your competition. 

In case you are in the dark about what a blog is, it is simply a medium where you share thoughts and opinions about your passions in the form of writing, photos, or audio (podcast). So, how can a blogger career improve your professional profile? 

Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert 

Each industry has its own voices, influencers, and thought-leaders who have strategies and experiences that could benefit other people. Once you begin sharing this valuable information, you begin to open a new door of curiosity for yourself and your readers. 

Blogging is one way to prove that you know what you are doing in your field of expertise. This is why your blog should be organized to tell a story, instead of being random posts about anything. 

A blogging career is about knowing your industry and sharing relevant and current information. From the challenges you face on a daily basis to deal with a complex problem, your opinions and blogging ideas should remain relevant to your industry. 

You May Attract Major Decision Makers 

If you are on par with what is going on in your industry - you may have some innovative ideas that could pick up traction through your blog. People who enjoy reading and following career blogs often share interesting blog posts on their social media pages. 

This kind of exposure may lead to potential recruiters taking an interest in you as a candidate. Always be sure to link your blog to your LinkedIn profile or use LinkedIn to blog. 

A Good Networking Opportunity

Blogging as a career exposes you to people with similar interests and this could lead to opportunities. By connecting with readers and making your posts engaging, you open the door to more opportunities. 

For instance, if you are running a cheap essay writing service in AU, you need to prove why you are the best service provider by writing a few posts about the service. A professional blog gives the impression that you know what you are doing and that you are passionate about the academic writing work that provides thesis, dissertation and other assignment work. 

Blogging Looks Good on Your Resume

If you are in between jobs, blogging as a career is one way to keep busy and it also shows that you can take the initiative. Blogging looks good on your resume because recruiters are looking for a good reason to call you in for an interview. Your blog could be that very reason you are called in. 

Increasing Your Online Presence

Beyond Social Media, an online presence is necessary because it gives the potential recruiter an idea of who you are. Most people go online for information they need on a person, and your blog showing up might increase your chances of being recognized as an industry professional or expert. 

For instance, if you are in the academic writing field, someone may search for dissertation services and depending on your content, your blog may show up. You can offer a wide array of writing services and also help with thesis, term papers, dissertation, etc. 

What Blogging Says About You

Firstly, it reflects that you are digitally savvy, which is a general requirement in many professions. Blogging is also an excellent way to reveal your personality to potential recruiters and your trail of content indicates how passionate you are. 

Blogging also reveals that you are dedicated to learning and constant improvement, it also gives you something to focus on while you work on landing your dream job. It is also an excellent way to learn about online tools such as SEO, analytics, CMSs, and social media. 

You become a Leader

Of course, this will materialize after a few years of dedicating to create highly informative and well-researched content. Because blog posts also impart skills, it might also show your ability to communicate and share information. In due time, you can become an industry leader by simply having something your readers read, like and share.

If your blog grows to the extent where it becomes a go-to source of information, a recruiter will not be able to look away from your profile. It is also a good way to attract other websites you can write on a freelance basis and even newspaper articles. Your professional prospects certainly become wider. 


Blogging is a sure way to get attention from potential recruiters, and it is a good experience for your career. Your career does not only depend on getting the ‘right job’ but also on acquiring knowledge and skills that propel you forward. 

By exploring different topics on a daily basis, you widen your expertise and hone your writing skills.Blogging is also something that can be done from any device, so when you are inspired - you can just jump right in and write a post or post a photo, etc. 

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