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One thing which the world has unanimously acknowledged with the COVID-19 

One thing which the world has unanimously acknowledged with the COVID-19 situation on the face of it is that the working style needs to evolve for better.

We can’t say that it’s something that wasn’t in the pipeline it’s just been accelerated with the ascent of CORONA crisis at the global stage, owing to these new developments the people and companies are opting for work from home, CNBC in its latest report pointed out that 70% people globally work remotely once a week. Clearly all the businesses especially those that involve heavy-duty operations like the manufacturing sector, hospitality, tourism, and most affected transport industry with an emphasis on aviation industry can not practically follow the suit but if they wish to survive this pandemic they need to radically change the way they conduct their operations and also the way they interact with their customers.

Industries across the spectrum are setting up new norms for conducting their business we’re witnessing some industries have gone to non-existent and some others are making a comeback. Owing to the feasibility and technology is not always the best way to fight the

Certainly, the least affected industry riding on technological advancement and it’s almost non affected by the lockdown but that’s when you’re looking at the surface of it but turns out in actuality software industry caters to all other sectors so it’s not surprising that with the colossal blow on all other sectors it can actually remain unaffected but looking at the longer trajectory almost every sector will need an overhaul in their existing IT and software departments to ensures the smooth performance.

How the World Will be After COVID-19

COVID world has bought some radical changes into the psyche of the people it will bring a heightened sense of social responsibility towards the community and people are realizing the essence of community.

Technology can not always have an edge over the conventional things and this pandemic has proven that the world is now tracking back to the more traditional form of contactless entry and physical distancing have bought forth few things into huge demand replacing the established industry norms one such example is the huge spike in the Lanyards, custom lanyards have taken over the industry replacing the fingerprint scanner and IRIS scanner in the process, according to one of the industry leaders,  4inlanyards the spike in traffic on their website and demand of their product has gone significantly up manifolds which is not surprising as the custom made Badge reel type of lanyards are easy to pull and be used for contactless transit at the gate.

All of a sudden face masks, sanitizers, and hand gloves have become ubiquitous scenes at every public place this wasn’t the case before the COVID crisis no one would have imagined that the face masks and hand gloves prescribed for the laboratory will become a social necessity. Lockdown has bought to an end the long going discourse on how the world especially brands interact with their customers’.

Short and Long-run Circumstances and Marketing Plans

The new marketing strategy is with a high focus on digital and is taking over the conventional marketing strategy of flyers, banners, and posters this also has a positive impact and the environmental dividend of this digital strategy is going to put on some smiles on the face of nature lovers. The new school of brand awareness has taken over the conventional one, now the companies are trying to leave their impressions into the minds of the customer by imparting them with tangible goods like caps t-shirts, masks and gloves with an aesthetically and cleverly designed brand logo to seep in the brand familiarity into the heads of the people with every order they deliver.

That is how most of the businesses are making through with as much grace and poise as possible even during this wracking havoc all over the world.

Will COVID Become Merely the Past

Up to some extent we are all aware that even after the recent situation settles down COVID is not going to vanish entirely. There will still be some of its impressions, just like the POLIO epidemic arises in 1900. Which first began to appear in Europe and the United States gradually moved across the world and still has some of its cases in Afganistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

Therefore, all these precautionary measures are not just for the time being. All of the entities, businesses, companies, and brands have to move with them permanently. The focus will be shifted to the healthcare system in all disciplines of life. Which comparably is a great progression as it will also lessen the chances of other diseases, spreading through viruses. Provided that the vaccine is invented, it will surely reduce the number of COVID cases worldwide.

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