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The price of Bitcoin is constantly on the rise. Even during the Pandemic, its growth has been overwhelming. No other digital currency may replace it shortly. We know Bitcoin as a decentralized digital coin. The founder of Bitcoin is still not known. He has developed it like a P2P electronic cash version, which kicks off online payments sending out money straight without passing through any bank or financial institution. When you hold the BTC, you have its password or key that locks and unlocks the account or address. You can quickly transfer your Bitcoin from your account to another. It has its record on public platforms called a block. These blocks come together, and it helps in developing Blockchain. One can generate these blocks in ten minutes. The network of users creates these blocks, and they get their rewards in the form of a new Bitcoin.  You can even explore Bitcoin Circuit 2021 Official Website. This reward comes as proof with the help of software programs that often come in significant numbers, thus rewarding you with a new Bitcoin. This process is known as mining, and users carry out this process to get newly-formed Bitcoin. The reward size can vary, and we have around 21 million Bitcoin in total. Now, let's check the benefits of the transaction with bitcoin on fiat currencies. As per experts, Bitcoin lovers enjoy two significant advantages over their traditional currencies. The first one is that they get a limited supply, which prevents the central governments from devaluing. Thus, Bitcoin remains less vulnerable when compared to the crisis we counter with fiat currency. We can see several examples of how the value of traditional money goes down. Also, the lower value can add some additional issues that bring in problems like deflation. It causes some significant issues like a recession.

The second merit of using Bitcoin over traditional money is that the total transactions remain immutable and permanent. When we see money is on hold in the bank accounts, they can theoretically steal from their users. With Bitcoin, it becomes difficult as the database dealing with transactions uses the central authority. Thus, bitcoin is also called a trust-less option for central banks and governments as it never asks the consumers to rely on any financial institution. These benefits are still theoretical. Hyperinflation is not often the critical issue of advanced-level economics. At the same time, financial companies fall with certain false practices that are tangible and simple to operate the funds. However, the issues like hyperinflation do not remain a big issue, including advanced economies. These act like a more tangible option.

As per a 2019 study, 46 percent of Bitcoin transactions involve legal activities, which has given 76 billion dollars every year. On the other hand, some people use Bitcoin to shop for illegal products. Some of the common misuses of Bitcoin include the purchase of illicit drugs and money laundering. We have seen banking dealing with several digital currency-based platforms working hard to comply with the regulations of KYCs, and this has remained the key concern for the governments. Now, let us understand the critical demerits of Bitcoin when we compare it with the current fiat currencies. In Economics as a subject, money has three vital functions. First, it is a powerful medium of exchange; it carries value and comes in on any account.

Let's understand how digital currencies like Bitcoin can suffice these roles? As we know, the BTC remains the best medium of exchange when carrying out transactions where privacy is required. However, if you are using it for some other trades, it can be an expensive deal. On average, the transaction fees for the BTC in 2020 ran the range from few cents to few dollars. Also, BTC transactions come without actually going through any third party like digital currency-based exchanges. Therefore, it can remain a challenging affair as it cannot work without technologies like Blockchain, which runs through a computer network. Consequently, we see many traders using Bitcoin via a digital wallet or through digital currency exchanges. In this way, Bitcoin remains the future of traditional money.

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