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The summer of 2021 is just coming to an end and most New Yorkers are ready to cozy up inside and finally open their arms to the crisp fall air that is always so refreshing after a humid NYC Summer. Nevertheless, many New Yorkers also plan yearly tropical winter vacations or a trip to Florida during the holidays, in which bikinis, shorts, and shirtless beach days always commence. With this in mind, the transition from summer temperatures to colder days does not equate to a break from the gym. Instead, it is time to prepare for vacation photos and recover from the end of a fun, long, boozy summer in NYC. It is needless to say that the gym and a clean diet are usually involved when it comes to shaping your body the way that you want it in a bikini, however being that New York City residents often have demanding jobs, stressful careers, and rent to pay, consistency at the gym unfortunately isn’t always the priority. Instead, autumn is the time to really take advantage of all the city has to offer, including some of the best NYC medical spas that offer minimally invasive treatments to give us that extra kick to reach our body goals, without too much effort (and without the invasiveness involved in surgical procedures such as liposuction). Here are the top three non surgical cosmetic treatments that New Yorkers are getting this year to prepare for their winter getaways. 

  1. CoolTone

When it comes to body sculpting, it doesn’t necessarily mean fat loss or the increase in size of your buttocks or breasts. CoolTone is a tool that is used to add definition to certain muscle groups such as your abdomen without having to push yourself too hard at the gym. CoolTone works through the placement of an applicator on any given muscle group (typically the abdomen, glutes, and quads) which uses electromagnetic technology to send pulses to your muscles causing them to contract. Each session lasts 30 minutes and is equivalent to 20,000 general exercise repetition in the area of treatment. In other words, 30 minutes of CoolToning on your abs is equivalent to 20,000 crunches, and on your glutes and quads is equivalent to 20,000 squats. Because it is minimally invasive (literally does not puncture through your skin - the applicator can even be placed above clothing), you can get a session every other day for two weeks prior to your vacation and get on your flight with abs that were practically non-existent before. 

  1. CoolSculpting

If you are looking for a little more than just muscle definition and your main goal is to eliminate the fat that is hiding your beautiful shape, then CoolSculpting may be the best choice for you. Yes, liposuction works, but it is surgical and invasive, which means that it also comes with downtime, bruising, swelling, scarring, pain, possible infection, the list goes on. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive tool that is used to freeze your fat cells and permanently eliminate them over the course of 2 - 3 months. While 2 - 3 months may sound like a long time to see results, keep in mind that it may take up to two months to fully heal after liposuction. In addition, the gradual process of fat reduction actually allows your skin to adjust to the change in size, meaning that you will not be left with the dreaded loose skin that so often comes with fat loss. CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive and does not require any incisions, punctures, or surgical intervention. There is no downtime with CoolSculpting, meaning that you can go right back to the office after your procedure (big plus for busy New Yorkers!). 

  1. Sculptra

Aside from fat and muscle definition, one major aspect of body sculpting for women in particular is to bring out those natural curves to show off your sculpted body shape. We have all heard of butt implants and most of us know about Brazilian Butt Lifts, both of which involve surgical intervention and downtime. Sculptra is an injectable non surgical butt lift that works through stimulating your own collagen production upon injection, which causes gradual growth in the treatment area. While results are not instant and will take 1 - 2 months to start showing, they are known for their natural and form fitting appearance and have become more popular than butt implants due to the minimally invasive nature of the treatment. This means minimal downtime, less possible risks and side effects, and a natural looking booty pump. 

The above mentioned treatments are amongst the most popular minimally invasive body sculpting treatments in New York at the moment and have been growing in popularity all over the world over the course of the past several years. Minimally invasive treatments are overall safe as well as effective, leaving you with amazing results without the risks and down sides that come with surgical procedures.

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