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It is quite evident that the gaming market in India has been booming enormously for the past few years. It is expected to cross the $1.1 billion mark very soon. Moreover, the use of smartphones has also increased substantially. So it is no surprise that the gaming industry has gained the title of the fastest-growing entertainment industry, with a growth rate of 10%, while television viewership has decreased. When every industry, from small start-ups to big multinational companies, makes profits, the Rummy industry also makes profits.

Gaming in India

People in India have been playing digital games since the 1990s, but due to the lack of their availability online and their tricky installation processes, they were limited to a very small part of the population. There were too many limitations preventing people from enjoying even simple desktop games.

All that changed when smartphones came into the picture. Now, games can be downloaded and enjoyed by almost everybody in the country with their smartphones. Games can be downloaded onto smartphones easily with just a few taps. Not only this, very affordable data packs and easy availability of Wi-Fi networks have greatly encouraged the gaming industry in India.

Multiple Versions and Formats

Multiple game platforms and formats have always attracted Indian gamers. This highly influences mobile versions of rummy games, which allows players to play whenever and wherever they like. To add to the excitement, real money games are now readily available to Indians, too.

Rummy, as well as fantasy games and card games, are all readily available to download onto the phone. Skill games are fully legitimate to play and have the incentive of money. This opportunity to make quick cash by gaming with real people highly fascinates Indian gamers. Rummy is one such game that has kept players engaged by giving cash rewards, leading to 100% growth year on year.

People who once sat in front of the television for hours are now hooked to their mobile phones. This shift is a massive incentive for game developers and gaming companies as their contributions are changing the whole concept of entertainment.

Mobile Gaming

Gaming in India has reached hundreds of millions, and gaming companies are also being funded by investors, which further boosts the gaming market. McKinsey and Co. observed in a recent report that the country had recorded over 7.7 billion app downloads. Games can easily be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store now, making it very easy for smartphone users to download and play games on the go.

When people think they have had enough of a game, a newer, more fun one is just a tap away. This is a big reason why players are hooked to their phones all the time - they are spoiled for choice. It has also made them liberal in investing money in games and millions of Indians play real money games today.

Socializing Through Games

The most important factor that makes online games like rummy popular is the social quotient. Consumers learn about games from friends, families or advertisements and socialize through games by joining online player communities. Mobiles make this task much more easy as people can stay connected with others online all the time.

Players’ needs are changing fast and they are always looking for something to satisfy their recreational needs. Cash games like rummy games provide a unique experience and value to players who want to make quick money while gaming and socializing.

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