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India is a country globally known for its unique cultures and its film industry baptized Bollywood. This second-most populous country in the world is also recognized for its fast-growing online gaming sector. The Indians have, actually, adopted this entertaining activity but during the pandemic, the iGaming niche has boosted than ever. Playing bingo is a common activity and most players choose to play on their smartphones as mobile technology has gained popularity around the planet. With the online bingo sites proliferation, picking trustworthy options is crucial because online gaming is always associated with scammers. How the Indian bingo markets are choosing safer options?

Too many unlicensed brands

Let’s admit that the unlicensed brands grow like Topsy. With so many bingo websites appearing on an almost daily basis, it can be tough to be aware of the authentic and fake ones. An unlicensed casino is, in fact, a platform that has not received a licence to legally operate. In other words, the game library offered or the payment options may be faulty. The players will, obviously, be in trouble once they have been trapped by these wrong brands. How, thus, to know whether a bingo platform is legal or not? This is a common question of the Indians newcomers. At the bottom of the home page, there must be a logo of the regulatory authority that provides the licence. If there is no logo, leave immediately the platform and find another licensed one.

Slow payments

When the common nightmare of the human being is to lose their loved ones, the gamblers’ bad dream is to register at a brand that offers slow payment options. They are right as low-quality payment services will worsen their online gaming experience. Hence, they won’t feel safe and secure because they worry about their money. With inefficient processes for transferring funds or withdrawing winnings, they have to wait long times before playing. Slow payments are the possible concerns of Indian gamblers. Preventing this kind of problem requires some effective strategies. One of them is to check first the banking options available on the site to know whether these payment companies are reputed, trustworthy, and evidently effective.

Closure of Brands

Several bingo brands have to close as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic increasing deaths and high rate of people getting infected. When the firms have to end their businesses due to different factors, the players will certainly be disappointed. Apart from COVID-19 results, the bankruptcy is also another reason to lead to these sites' closure. With the fierce competition within the gaming sector, some sites are struggling to survive and it can become more difficult for them to stay afloat. Some brands, accordingly, have to close so the members will lose their funds deposited at these websites. The India-based players can search for a brand site that has built a good reputation among the customers.

Demand for brands like those under UKGC

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most respected regulatory authorities in the world. Notorious to impose a severe set rule with the main goal to provide a responsible gambling environment and to protect the players, the casinos under the regulation of UKGC are probably the best ones. This British gambling watchdog has continued to achieve its aim by enforcing a strict regulatory framework. As this gambling jurisdiction is one of the largest regulated markets, the Indians bingo fans are able to pick licensed platforms, and among them are SammyBingo's safe sites to play bingo on. It is, therefore, important the gamblers check the brands to know whether they are under the UKGC or not.


The bingo market is large in India where people are allowed to have fun with the wide array of bingo businesses available in this nation. Nonetheless, it does not mean that they can just choose a brand without checking some conditions. Fortunately, the Indian bingo aficionados are guided through this review, and to enjoy the best online gaming experience, they are required to be followed the tips to avoid any gaming-related problems.


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