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Remember, emergencies can occur at any time. Disasters don't consider surroundings or situations; they happen. So, expect the unexpected, and prepare yourself for every situation. Being prepared means having your food, water, and others that may help you survive someday on your own. An emergency go bag contains all the necessary items you would require to tackle any emergency. It is a bag you prepare but never hope to use. This article contains all the essential items to pack in your Go Bag for any future use.

Essentials to Add in Your Go Bag

First of all, you must start by purchasing a Resilient Duffel Bag.

Remember, the go-bag should be big enough to fit all the essential supplies. The bag should be resilient and robust sufficient to carry the items' weight without any rips or tears. If you already have a spare, large enough bag, then that fulfils the purpose as well. 

Now, let’s find out what are the essentials to add to your emergency go bag. 

1. Food Items

The best food items are ready-to-eat packet foods. Other than that, you can also add some granola bars, high-calorie items, some snacks, and biscuits. Consider food items that provide long expiry dates. You can even opt for ration packs as they are a good option. Keep replacing the snacks from time to time. And remember, don't eat items from your go-bag! 

2. Water Supplies

Pack at least 1.5 litres of water per day for you. If there are other people, pack for them too. You can pack bottled water, but you will have to change it over a specific period. There are emergency water drinking pouches to consider, also, as they have a five-year shelf-life. Pack some water purification tablets that can make any water drinkable and for use. Many people don't prefer the use of chemical disinfectants in their water. For this, you can purchase a filtration or purification bottle.

These bottles come with integrated filter components and are smaller in size. It doesn't matter from which water you fill up your bottle. The filter will filtrate any bacteria, pathogens, viruses, fungi, etc. 

3. Masks

The human body can live without food and water for several days and some weeks as well. But the air is an element the human body cannot survive without. In an accident or incident where there is lots of dirt and dust, it is harder to breathe.

Disposable respirator masks help filtrate the dust and aqueous mists. You can buy:

•         Foldable covers that are easy to carry (best for emergencies)

•         FFP3 masks, 99% nominal filtration efficiency

•         FFP2 masks, 95% nominal filtration efficiency

•         N95 and N99 masks 

4. Light Sources

You can’t find your way in the dark. Light sources are an essential addition to your Go Bag. Purchase an emergency torch with LED light inside as they last for hours on end. Buy one or two emergency torches to stay clear of the dark.

You can even opt for head torches to keep your hands free while working. Keep one solar charging torch with you so you won’t need any internal batteries, and you won’t run out of light. Add another torch in the bag that has a powerful beam and uses a battery. Use alkaline batteries or lithium batteries for this torch because they have a five-year shelf-life and 10-year shelf-life, respectively. 

5. First Aid

Your first aid kid is another crucial supply to add to your Go Bag. It should contain various medicines and supplies, including painkillers, wound cleaning, dressing supplies, eyewash, burn treatment creams and bandages, etc. All these supplies should last for at least a week or two. 


So, a perfect go bag is the one that fits you and your needs, skills and situations well. Having a Go Bag prepares you for any future accidents and disasters. While no one wants to be in such a situation, having a go-bag is beneficial. And if you want that your go evil proves to be helpful, you have to maintain it from time to time. 

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