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Online casino sites are some of the most popular sites in the world at the moment. They offer players the ability to easily find some of the best games in the world as well as offering the opportunity to walk away with some big prizes. However, there are some situations that aren’t quite as positive. An example of this would be if a gambling problem was in place. Some players are unable to manage their gambling sensibly. In this case the best way to handle this is to ensure that access to online casinos isn’t possible. 

The way to exclude yourself from an <a href="">online casino</a> isn’t actually a complicated process. All players have to do is get in touch with the casino that they usually play at and ask for an exclusion to be carried out. Depending on the casino that’s being played at this may be carried out through either sending an email to the customer support or by an integrated form in the customer profile page. However, there is a slight amount more to it than just carrying this out. 


The first thing to remember about the exclusions is that they’re not always forever. Depending on the jurisdiction that you’re playing in, there can be some variation in how long the exclusion is for. Some online countries allow for a two week exclusion to be carried out, some have a minimum of six months for an exclusion. There are even some that will only allow for a permanent exclusion to be made. This is something that you should look into before carrying out your exclusion. 

If you want to be excluded forever but the initial exclusion is just for two weeks then it could lead to some issues further down the road. On top of this, if you’re just going through a little bit of a rough patch and want a two week break, you should check first to make sure that you’re not excluding yourself forever. 

Your exclusion will help to stop you from gambling, but the time frame that it is carried out for is important when it comes to solving any issues that you might be having. 

Exclusion Requirements 

Depending on the jurisdiction that you’re playing under, there may be some extra steps that need to be carried out. For example, there are some countries that carry out blocks and exclusions across all casinos within that country. So, when excluding yourself this will require your ID in order to do it efficiently. Once this has been done you will be unable to log into existing accounts at any <a href="">online casinos</a> and will be unable to set up an account with a new online casino. 

This is because countries that have know your customer protocols in place, require casinos to get player ID when signing up. This ID will then be used to cross reference with all casinos and make sure that blocked and excluded players will not be able to sign up to a new site and play. There are also links to brick and mortar casinos which ensures that no gambling can be carried out, which is aimed at protecting the player. 

This isn’t the case in all jurisdictions and so it’s something that does need to be checked beforehand. An example of a country that does carry out this level of exclusion is the UK. As the UKGC is known as one of the most strict and stringent regulators, it’s not a surprise that this legislation is in place. 

Getting Help if you Need it 

Of course, exclusions aren’t all you should do if you are having issues with gambling. There are a number of different gambling support charities that will provide additional help to players who are suffering from problem gambling. By getting in touch with one of these charities they will direct you towards a range of different services that will then aim to help you come through the other side of your problem. 

There are also resources provided which have the aim of providing self help to players. This is a much harder way to get through any problems as it requires self discipline and the desire to stop. It’s always better to get help from someone in these situations as it will give you the additional support that you might need to get through your problems. 


As technology improves there are ways that gambling problems can be approached using algorithms. There is software being developed that will track gambling patterns and then work out if a player is showing signs of having a gambling problem. If this is the case then the algorithm will instantly place a block on the player account unless they are able to pass a number of tests that will make it clear that their gambling isn’t a problem. 

This will help players to get through any issues and will also flag problems up early. Early detection can help players to combat any problems before they develop into severe issues. The exclusion that follows on will then be more effective in the long run.

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