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Offered by multiple banks and financial institutions, fixed deposits promise you assured returns via fixed interest rates through the FD tenor. This is an ideal financial instrument if you want to see your wealth grow steadily in a safe environment. Interest is earned on the principal amount you deposit and is compounded at a determined frequency. Although governed by a complex mathematical formula, you can forecast your interest earnings with ease with a fixed deposit interest calculator. Once you know the key parameters influencing your earnings, you can tweak your choices to earn even more. Here’s how to use the FD rate calculator and maximise your earnings.

Compute Your Interest Earnings with These Simple Steps


To forecast your interest earnings with a fixed deposit interest calculator you need to enter certain key parameters. These include your principal amount, FD tenor, type of FD, and citizen bracket.

Let’s take a couple of practical examples and compute interest earned by using the Bajaj Finance FD calculator.

  • Example #1
    • Customer type : New customer
    • FD type                       : Returns at maturity
    • Principal                      : Rs.1 lakh
    • Tenor                          : 24 months

By simply feeding in these parameters the calculator auto-fixes the interest rate, which is 8.15% at this time and generates the interest earned at maturity. For this calculation it is Rs.16,964.

  • Example #2
    • Customer type            : Senior citizen
    • FD type                       : Returns at regular intervals
    • Payment frequency    : Quarterly
    • Principal                      : Rs.1 lakh
    • Tenor                          : 24 months

Once again, with these simple details fed in the calculator, you will learn of the interest you stand to earn in an instant. This time around the senior citizen gets an 8.28% interest rate and earns an interest of 16,560 at maturity.

Go For An FD Tenor That Maximises Earnings


If you closely observe the functioning of the FD calculator, you will observe that the tenor is one of the main determinants in computing the interest earned at maturity. Choosing your tenor wisely can see you maximise earnings. In fact, most issuers will give you higher interest rates when you opt for a tenor of 36 months or more. For example, if the customer in Example #1, took the same FD for 36 months, he would have got an interest rate of 8.75% instead of 8.15%.

Further, certain issuers will have special tenor schemes on offer. For example, taking an FD with Bajaj Finance for 15 months gives you a 0.05% higher interest rate than when you take the same for 12 months. Not only does this come as an incentive to save longer, but it helps you earn more.

Choose Your Payout Frequency Wisely


When you opt for an FD that offers you the entire interest accrued along with your principal at maturity, it maximises your earnings as you benefit from compounding interest. This is ideal if you have your long-term financial goals and won’t need any financial assistance from your FD during the tenor.

On the other hand, an FD that offers you regular interest payouts is a good choice if need finances every now and then. Even in this case, you can forecast your earnings precisely by using the FD calculator. Monthly interest payouts, for instance, will give you lower total earnings than half-yearly payouts. By tweaking the numbers, you can achieve a balance between the returns you desire and the liquidity you require.

Now that you know how to compute your earnings, get your hands on an FD offering a high interest rate like the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit. Here you can gain from high interest rates of up to 9.10% if you are a senior citizen and up to 8.75% if you are a regular investor. Forecast and plan your earnings with ease through the Bajaj Finance FD calculator. This fixed deposit allows you to tailor-fit your earnings to meet your financial obligations by offering you tenors ranging from 12 to 60 months.

Further, you can choose to take back your entire returns at maturity or to earn through the tenor by way of regular interest payouts. Armed with CRISIL’s FAAA rating and ICRA’s MAAA rating, you know your finances are kept in a stable environment. You need just Rs.25,000 to open an account and can apply in a few simple steps from the comfort of your home. Get started with this online application form.

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