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Colored contacts are all the rage these days. They come in various shades and colors such as green, blue, hazel, red etc. These lenses help you create different looks ranging from subtle to bold depending on the occasion. Colored contacts are of two different types: prescription contact lenses that help in vision correction and Plano contact lenses worn for purely cosmetic purposes. Most   contacts are designed to closely mimic the colored part of the eye since most prefer a subtle transformation. The center of the colored lens remains clear, but the outer part of the lens could have   dots and patterns to look more natural.

The correct color for you depends on your skin color as much as your skin tone. The easiest way to find your skin tone is to check the color of your vein in bright sunlight. If the color of your vein is green, your skin tone is warm. If the color of your vein is blue, your skin tone is cool. If your veins are green in some places and blue in other, then you have a neutral skin tone. Indians largely have a warmer yellowish tone to their skin and cool undertones are pretty rare.

When it comes to skin color, fair-skinned people tend to look good in bright color lenses like amethyst, aqua, and turquoise. When your skin color ranges anywhere from olive to honey, then you have a medium skin tone. These people are blessed with a wide variety of choices. They look great in colors such as brown, hazel, green, grey etc.

Many people in western countries desire the natural brown and honey hues of Indian people. So much money spent on tropical vacations and fake spray tans can attest to that. People with wheatish complexion should go for colors like honey, brown and hazel. Particularly, solotica hidrocor avela manufactured by solotica is such a good look on them. If you want to go for a dramatic look, go for amethyst to look like a bronze goddess. Dark-skinned beauties should go for autumn, amethyst or honeyed tinges as they will surely make them look more playful and sexy. Avoid cool colors like blue or green as they tend to look outlandish on darker skinned people.

The things mentioned above are just guidelines when it comes to choosing the color of your contact lens; they are not rules to be strictly followed. If a particular color looks fancy to you and you want to wear it, go for it; nothing is going to stop you. Wear your colored contact lenses with confidence.

Whether you are wearing prescription contact lenses or Plano contact lenses, they must be properly cleaned, disinfected and stored in proper conditions with appropriate lens care products. Timely replacement of your lenses is important to avoid infection. Avoid wearing the lens if you develop any soreness or irritation in your eyes. The first sign of your lens not being suitable for you is redness or tears in your eyes. Avoid swapping your lens with your friends to avoid transmission of harmful bacteria and virus causing infections. Contacts from manufacturers like Solotica contact lenses that are reliable and great in the long run.

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