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In our GamblingGuy casino comparison you will find the best 5-reel slots currently available on the market. To make this possible, we work with an exclusive group of game manufacturers who score with classic machines as well as with innovative slots. In addition to progressive jackpot machines, where you can win sums in the millions, it is the 3D slot machines that contribute to a completely new gaming experience. What makes playing our GamblingGuy 5-reel slots so special? 

3-reel and 5-reel slots compared

Even though 5-reel slots are currently commonplace, playing on 3-reel machines offers a special flair and some people get nostalgic feelings. After all, it all began with these slots.

The history of slot machines can be traced back to the year 1899. At that time, the first machine called "Black Cat" was built, but still without the famous reels. By the way, the 3-reel system goes back to a German who set one of the most important cornerstones of the slot machine industry with it. The three reels were first used in the Liberty Bell slot machine. 

Many of the 3-reel slots that you can find in an online casino today revive the good old days with fruits, bells and the Lucky Number 7. But the new 3-reel slots are anything but dusty, but convincing with fast gaming fun and polished graphics. 

Do you feel like trying out 3-reel slot machines? We have the classics as well as the latest novelties in our assortment! 

The game principle of 5-reel slots

The game principle of 5-reel slots is not much different from any other slot. It is primarily about using symbols to form certain winning combinations. Often there are special wild symbols that act as wild cards and help to form successful combinations. 

The number of winning ways varies from slot to slot and can often be chosen within a given framework. The same applies to the stakes, which are either specified per winning way or as a total bet. 

Many slots also offer special bonus rounds or mini-games in addition to the base game, where there are free spins or extra wins to be had. These are often activated by so-called scatter symbols. The scatter symbols must appear at a certain position on the reels or you need a certain number of these characters. 

5-reel slots with free spins and bonus rounds

Very many slot machines include a bonus round or special features in addition to the base game, with which you can get free spins or other perks. With the slot machine free spins that you collect as an extra on many bonus rounds, you have a good opportunity to push your winnings up with free spins. 

In order to grab them, there are certain requirements to be met on most 5-reel slots. The keyword in this context is "scatter". A scatter symbol activates the bonus round in the base game. Generally, you either need a certain number of scatter symbols or the scatter must appear at a certain position of the reel field to trigger the bonus round. But a combination of the two versions is also conceivable. In such a case, the rules may stipulate that you need three or more scatters to appear on the fields of reels 2, 3 and 4 in any positions. 

5-reel slots with progressive jackpots

Progressive slots, often referred to as progressive jackpot slots, score with winning amounts that are far above those of conventional slots. In contrast to progressive jackpots, there are also machines that have a fixed jackpot, which, however, usually cannot keep up with the winning amounts of progressive slots. 

These high win amounts are possible because progressive slots are part of a network where every real money bet made on this slot machine contributes to increasing the jackpot. Therefore, there is no fixed winning amount, but the amount increases continuously until a lucky winner hits the jackpot. Amounts in the millions are not uncommon! 

Do you want to take a chance on life-changing winnings? With our progressive slots you have the opportunity to do so. Granted, it's not easy to hit one of the jackpots, but it can be worth a try. Although free play is possible, the jackpot can only be won with cash bets.

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