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Organizing an event, whether it is a conference, a managers seminar, or a team building workshop, involves the implementation of a certain number of parameters. Some tasks are particularly pleasant - we all love to choose the caterer for example - and others a little more complex. In particular, recruiting guest speakers who will convey your theme during your event is not the easiest. 

The Power of A Good Speaker 

When organizing an event, it is very likely that the conferences are the main element. Unfortunately, conferences often have a bad reputation because they are synonymous with boredom and waste of time. And yet, they are particularly beneficial, both for the company that organizes it and for the participants who go there. 

On the one hand, the organization of a conference allows the company to communicate on a new product or service recently developed or to train its employees on the use of a new tool. And on the other hand, those who attend the event can learn new skills. Generally speaking, this all seems very boring. This is where the need to choose a good speaker comes in! Finding the right speaker can make or break the success of your event because he or she will grab your audiences attention and keep them interested in what is going on. 

Set An Objective 

It is not always easy to determine which speaker will best suit your event. To facilitate your process, some criteria should still be prioritized. It may seem obvious, but the first step is to establish the objective of your event. From there, you can more easily identify the speaker who will be the most suitable. In the same vein, do not forget to qualify your audience, this will allow your speaker to adapt his speech.

According to professional speaker agency Keynote Speakers, many event organizers waste time trying to hire the wrong speaker because they have not set a clear objective to their event. For example, it would be a shame to hire a Blockchain expert for a novice audience that does not know the language of coding. 

Set A Budget 

From a more practical point of view, it is important to estimate the cost of your conference. Even if it is true that inviting Bill Gates to your event as a speaker will encourage your audience to travel (maybe a little too much for that matter), his hourly rate will possibly exceed your budget. Hiring a speaker is very similar to buying a house in that it is always easy to be tempted to spend more. But it is important that you remain disciplined and stick to your budget. 

Creat A Format 

It is a good idea to determine the format of your conference in advance. Some speakers prefer to organize presentations that last several hours, while others will prefer to follow the trend of TED conferences with shorter formats. In short, it is essential that your choice is in accordance with the speaker you select. 

Once you've planned your conference, you can start learning about speakers who could make your event a must-see. To achieve this, the person you choose must have some essential qualities. Here is a sample carefully selected by Eventdrive.

 5 Qualities of A Speaker 

According to the speaker agency Motivational Speakers, these are five important qualities you should look for when hiring a speaker:

 1. Can communicate clearly 

The goal is not for your speaker to tell ramble on during your conference, but to know how to express himself fluently and clearly. There is othing worse than hearing someone who stumbles on all the sentences or who speaks too fast while eating half the words. 

2. Dynamism 

In addition to knowing how to express himself, your speaker must know how to capture the attention of his audience. Goodbye monotonous monologues, hello rhythmic speeches! The audience should drink your speaker's words and look forward to the rest. 

3. Ability to inspire 

According to a recent study performed by Motivation Ping, they found that many audiences prefer to be inspired in some way by a speech. 

4. Originality 

The speaker must fit into the image of the event, but he must not forget his personal touch! Choose a personality who will be able to shake up conventions, question achievements and spice up his speech. A good speaker will know how to convey his ideas by creating emotion, but also diversifying his way of expressing himself. 

5. Open-mindedness

What we ask of a speaker is that he transmits his knowledge during workshops or conferences. But we also expect a good ability to debate. Interactivity is the key to engaging listeners, but you have to be able to stay calm under all circumstances. We have all seen a spectator get angry because his opinion was not the one presented. A good speaker will know how to bounce back and accept everyone's ideas.


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