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After over two months of an almost complete lockdown, India has started easing on quarantine measures. According to health experts, this change has negatively impacted the country, especially New Delhi and Mumbai.

For that reason, the officials keep advising individuals to take personal measures of precautions. Wearing a mask and ideally, gloves is advisable.

Regardless if you’re following the instructions or not, odds are you’ve been struck by this sudden change in the world. If you decide to stay safe by staying at home, we’re with you.

In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas on how to keep yourselves occupied in these trying times.

Keep Learning

Being stuck in one place is no reason to numb one’s mind. It might be a cliché but there’s no better time to acquire a new skill than now. First of all, you have plenty of time so you can organise your agenda as you wish.

And no, you don’t have to spend hours on a single skill. Instead, put aside around 30 minutes for a new skill you’d like to nourish. Practice a little but consistently and the results will be more lasting if you just cram all the new knowledge in one sitting.

If you’re running out of ideas of what to learn, we’ve dug up the most wanted skills in 2020, for you. They are both soft skills and business strategies that can help you in your job. Your new skillset could include verbal and written communication, negotiation, leadership or meditation, for instance.

Be Flexible

This one concerns both mental and physical flexibility. In the former example, we recommend staying in touch with people and trying to solve any conflicts you might have. To exemplify, taking up a course in negotiation can help you in that.

However, it is the body shape that also matters. It’s not about your beach body or showing off your physique, but letting your body feel the best it possibly can.

Humans are much more capable than they believe they are. Learning a new skill seems impossible until it’s done. The same goes for exercising and sports. Anyone can do it.

It doesn’t have to an intricate workout routine; you can stick to simple stretching. Studies have shown that a 15-minute stretching session in the morning helps organ function and promotes cell growth. Additionally, it can help clear up your skin and increase your blood circulation.

Take a Breather

As we said, you shouldn’t spend hours on end shoving new information into your brain. Take a break, and do it often. You need to relax periodically to be able to keep studying.

Thinking about having to improve oneself can be anxiety-inducing. To avoid this counterproductive scenario, you need to give everything a rest now and then.

 Online gaming has been on the rise in India in the past couple of years. A growing number of people are getting interested in this form of entertainment. And there are many reasons for this.

Let’s take an example to clarify what we mean. Andar Bahar is an immersive live casino game actually originating from India. To an extent, Andar Bahar is akin to baccarat, as one of the bets has a 5% commission in comparison to the other. The rules of this live dealer game are simple. Therefore, it’s the perfect game to take some time off.

Don’t Forget Your Routine

Eventually, everyone will return to their everyday itinerary. When the time comes, you should be prepared. Getting off track can be easy when you’re stuck at home and looking at the same four walls 24/7.

That’s why you need to actively fight the monotony.

Try and follow the steps you would if the lockdown were not in force. Wake up at around the same time, wash your face, have a glass of water and stretch a little. Dress up as you usually would – do not stay in your pyjamas.

Go on with your day as you normally do and reach out to a friend when you feel down. Remember, feeling cut up about life right now is sadly normal and common. It takes courage to talk to others about your problems. You’ve got this.

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