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Since being introduced into society, social media has become huge and Instagram is one of the top social media platforms. Instagram is a visual platform where individuals, businesses, and brands can post a variety of content in the form of images and videos. There are over 1 billion people using Instagram and over 500 million daily users which demonstrates just how popular the platform is. People use Instagram as a place to share memories and personal moments with their loved ones, and brands and businesses use the platform to reach their target audience and do budget-friendly marketing, such as using a growth service like Growthoid to organically gain Instagram followers. Brands, influencers, and businesses are very popular on Instagram and anyone can go viral on this app and become known. If you want to know how to build a brand on Instagram, just follow these simple steps.

Define your niche

Niches on Instagram are individual communities that share similar interests. Each niche will have prominent influencers that feed relevant content to the community and everyone within that specific niche, produces content within their niche which is very tight-knit. Niches are very influential for followers and some popular niches that you will find on Instagram include:

  • Fashion: This niche posts all about fashion trends and outfit inspirations.
  • Beauty: This niche will post about skincare routines and different makeup and skincare products that you should purchase.
  • Food: This niche often posts delicious food pictures and various cooking and baking recipes.
  • Travel: This niche will post pictures of places from all around the world and travel influencers will often recommend places to travel to based on their experience.

You want to prioritize having a theme for your Instagram account because themes will immediately attract attention and when you stick to a theme, people will associate it with your brand and you then become recognizable. Themes also help improve engagement and connect you to your audience in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Build a great looking profile

It is vital to optimize your profile page on Instagram and to do this you need to ensure that it is complete and includes the following things:

  • A good username: This should be your business name if you are a business and your name and surname if you are a brand.
  • Profile picture: For businesses, this should be your business logo and for brands, ensure that your profile picture is a high-quality headshot.
  • Bio: This is where you use the limited characters provided to inform your audience a bit about your brand or business. You should include your location and any achievements.
  • Links: It is very important to include links to your website or store on your profile because this will increase traffic.

A great looking profile is underrated and many people fail to focus on this but if you do, you can attract more followers because your profile page is the first thing that people see before they follow you and if it is attractive, there is a higher chance that people will click on the follow button. Lastly, make sure that you have a consistent style on your profile.

Respond to every comment and DM

Engagement is what drives social media and it is very important for you to be engaging with your audience. Engagement not only helps you accumulate followers, it also helps you spread brand awareness and expand your market reach. It is also a great way to establish a personality online. There are many ways to engage including likes, comments, replies, and direct messages. When people comment on your post, simply like and reply to the comment and if you receive direct messages, do your best to respond politely.

Keep post consistency

Consistency is a must. You absolutely have to post consistently which means posting on a regular basis, at least once per day maximum. You need to determine the frequency, times of day, and days of the week that work the best and once that has been established, you need to stick to a schedule. Consistency on Instagram will bring in more followers, expand your reach and create brand awareness which is the ultimate goal when using Instagram for your brand or business.

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