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The exam for the Certbolt AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification may seem unchallenging to take. But to kid you not, this is one tough test. First and foremost, your skills from your one-year working experience as an architect are the ones being evaluated and improved. Secondly, you need to thoroughly learn various AWS products and their architecture. Along with that, there are basically tons of things to grasp for this specific accreditation.

So, don’t let that associate-level exam deceive you. On the bright side, there’s always a way to succeed. In this article, let’s walk you through the different resources you can use to prepare for this test coded SAA-C02.

Instructor-led Certbolt Courses Can Set the Pace of Your Preparation

Designing a secure and robust application on AWS technologies is not an easy task. The challenge adds up as you create a high-performing architecture yet cost-effective one to meet the customer’s requirements. With this, you need to initially learn from experts who are ahead of you or those highly-skilled professionals whose experiences are so extensive. And of course, the most fitted individuals to help you are instructors teaching AWS courses. They can certainly train you with various techniques so you’ll learn each domain effectively. They can also share their own method on how to deal with specific scenarios to guarantee a more realistic and operative approach.

Certbolt Practice Tests Help Deepen Your Understanding

SAA-C02 exam involves two types of questions, namely multiple-choice and multiple-response. There is also unscored content in the actual test. Although the unscored part will not affect your final results, there are several distractors in the actual questions that may seem correct. Unfortunately, it might not be easy to distinguish which items are scored and which are not. Therefore, you have to master the topics thoroughly. And with practice tests, you somehow encounter and understand what it is like in the real exam. The sample questions will help you familiarize yourself with the areas covered and become more ready for this challenge, especially for the tasks that require multiple answers.

Certbolt Video Tutorials Discuss the Concept Hands-on

Some concepts of SAA-C02 are not easily grasped through words and descriptions. Most of these even require hands-on practice for better comprehension. If you don’t have access to lab activities or practice exercises, watching video tutorials will surely help. There are several videos, free or purchased, that can guide you through acing your certification exam. Trainers offer their expertise on the course and have partitioned their videos to fully cover the extent of the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam.


TheCertbolt AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate test, or SAA-C02, provides a valuable certification to help you stand out in your career. Getting the most reliable preparation materials such as online courses, practice tests, and video tutorials will greatly make a difference in your exam performance. With the numerous opportunities that you can unlock after becoming certified, you must first build up a series of hard work and patience with these learning resources.

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