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Like in any other sector, the food industry brings us various trends every year. The Indian food market is no different, as it brings us great cuisines that are deeply rooted in the country’s culture. In fact, many hoteliers and food experts consider India as the Amazon of foods. 

According to a recent report released on the 4th Tasting India Symposium, the country’s food industry will go through tremendous changes this year. Here are 2020’s top trends that will rule the Indian food scene.

Watchful Eating

As technology continues to advance, people are increasingly becoming more knowledgeable about healthy eating practices. Today, lots of people seem to have shifted their focus on foods that reduce traces of carbon in the body, leading to an increase in the demand for fruits, green vegetables and seeds like hemp, pumpkin seeds and chia.

The rise of neighbourhood food sellers

As the demand for fresh, healthy, and recognizable Ghar ka khana together with smooth digital communications and transactions channels take increases, cooks will run small food services from their homes. Consequently, communities will benefit from this unique service.

Utilizing South-East Asian flavours while keeping it real

The year 2020 gives the hotel industry wonderful dinners with a wide range of South-East Asian flavours.  An intense exploration of the popular cuisines and high standard menus of initially unexplored cuisines will colour the restaurant industry with irresistible delicacies. Consequently, the increasing consumer demand will be met by great dining experiences tailor-made along with actual issues, real people, and authentic stories.

Quest for Ghar ka Khana

Social dynamics are affecting cooking at home. In return, consumers are longing for ordering food for dinners. Taking Ghar ka Khana out of their head is something that will continue to prove difficult every other day. With that, quest for Gha ka Khana is more overwhelming than ever before.

Uncompromised suitability in cooking

Every careful consumer observes health trends. Thus, lifestyles and diet are the key guides. That would only propel a consumer to collect custom-made meals for home.  Basically, doing this would demand uncompromised choices.

Consuming indigenous fats

The widespread acceptance of the importance of cooking in India is inspiring consumers to embrace desi ghee. Native seed oil is also gaining popularity among cooks and home-based consumers. Other unhealthy options are losing value in the restaurant industry as well as the Indian community.

Culinary exploration and embracing traditional cooking

The developing financial welfare among the youth and cultural freedom now sees many young people experience exotic dinning and travels. The overwhelming cuisines are contributing hugely to these changes.  Whether the cuisines are locally found or imported, they are profoundly influencing these young consumers eating lifestyle.

Additionally, the trending attitude of exploring India’s traditional cooking traditions is paving a new way of food preparation. Modern methods of preparing and packaging traditional foods are slowly penetrating in the food industry. The restaurant industry is also harnessing every tactic in these discoveries to meet the expectations of the modern dining appearance.

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