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There are all sorts of massage chairs available in India. So, the availability is not the issue. The question is whether it is worth it to buy a massage chair.

The thing is that a massage chair perfectly fits in the postmodern lifestyle which has sort of let itself go. People just want to live their life and live it to the full, no matter what they have to take and what they have to give.

But there is a problem. You cannot live life without having money. Money requires work and work requires effort. Effort puts demand on your body. If body is not capable, you cannot put in the level of efforts that you need to accomplish something to get money to live your life your way…

So, you need an able body. Able body is the one that is healthy. Health requires exercise. But your professional life so engages you that it literally tires you out. There remains no strength to do exercise. Rather you need to unwind yourself. The question is, “How can you unwind yourself?”

Well, massage chair is a viable answer to the question. It helps you remove the stress and renew yourself to begin from where you ended yesterday… to live today with fresh mind and body. That’s talking about their utility. The users use it to prove it…After all, experience is the best teacher.

Having said that, it is good to go for full body massage chair, because it deals with your body from your top to your soles. But the problem with the best full body massage chair is that it costs you dearly. Its price ranges from around ₹40,000/- to ₹500,000/-. That’s something. You have it if your pocket is fat.

You may question the legitimacy of pricing them so dearly. All you got to do to get the answer to this question is to go through their tech specs. They are endowed with different sets of scientifically designed airbags and rollers in different parts of the chair to treat different parts of your body; and a number of programs which are quite innovative and would really catch your fancy. This is because the programs we talk about involve all the types of massaging techniques that we know so far. If you like, you can use them just by giving voice commands.

Interestingly, for different body types, it also features technologies like auto shoulder detection and location. And if you find some program fitting your requirements most, there is also a feature called Memory that keeps it in its memory to be used next time without being bothered by the setting part all over again. And, if you are not sure about which program to use, there is Auto mode for you.

Now, the advantage of using a full body massage chair is not limited to its efficacy. It also offers some really exhilarating features for relaxation…features having to do with mental relaxation. Here, we’re talking about the Bluetooth for streaming the kind of music you love to listen to. The audio, too, is quite advanced, featuring technologies like 3D audio. So, you’re sure about having the best audio experience. It is scientifically proven that exercise accompanied by music helps a lot more than just exercise.

The good thing is that if you want to address the issues with specific body parts like neck and back, then you need a chair that is designed for the same. They cost considerably lower than a full body massage chair. The important thing is that it serves its purpose.

You have some extremely useful information about the advantages of using a massage chair, advantages other than those already listed above, on the website . We’ll try to describe them, here, in utmost brevity…

  • It relaxes muscles and reduces the risk of falling prey to conditions like RSI
  • It improves blood circulation. This is very important for people who are suffering from conditions like impaired blood circulation and varicosis
  • It improves breathing and boosts supply of oxygen to your body parts which is essential for their health and function
  • It removes stress and induces good sleep
  • It positively controls secretion of hormones in your body – hormones like cortisol, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. This has direct impact on fluctuations in your moods and keeps you happy and stress free & finally
  • It improves your digestive system

So, undoubtedly, the advantages of using massage chair are many. But if you have a pacemaker in your body, then stay away from it. The reason is that in many chairs the use of magnet is being made, which can directly intervene in the normal working of the pace-maker.

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