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With the world still in various states of lock down many are turning online for more of their entertainment with the Japanese making use of online casinos like never before. 

Ever since the gambling laws began to relax in Japan the Japanese players have been discovering the entertainment value of playing online, especially as it is impossible to visit a land based venue because of the threat of covid19. 

Embracing the New 

Japan is well known for being able to embrace new popular cultures and putting a very Japanese slant on them, but until recently all gambling was mainly deemed as illegal due to some very archaic gambling laws still having an effect on the modern society of Japan. 

Being able to enjoy a wide selection of online casino games without the fear of committing an illegal act obviously opens up the virtual casino doors for a great many Japanese players who would like to play on their favourite online casino games whenever and wherever they like.

Choice and Convenience 

Even in lock-down lives can be busy and structure is still required and this includes setting some time aside for entertainment. Convenient and enjoyable the online casino ticks a great many boxes when talking about fun and excitement, especially if you happen to hit a winning streak! 

Today’s online casinos are a far cry away from the games we were offered a couple of decades ago. Now we can expect games to run smoothly and boast superb graphic, audio and video clips to enhance gameplay. Online casino sites also include a good range of bonuses and promotional offers, especially to new players, so those in Japan who are new to the online casino are in for a treat. 

What to Look For in a High-End Online Casino 

With Japan opening up to the online casino there are a few pointers that potential players need to take into consideration before opting into any online casino site. 

  • Firstly, it is important to make sure that the online casino is fully licensed by a reputable gambling commission, only in this way will you know that an online casino site adheres to all the rules and regulations set out by the gambling commission or be in fear of losing their gambling licenses.
  • Always choose an online casino through its reputation within the gambling industry and through friends recommendations. There are new online casino sites popping up on our pages every day so always choose a well respected name
  • Make sure that the online casino has the games you are looking for – and that the choice is enough to keep you satisfied with that particular site.
  • Check out the software suppliers and their record within the industry.
  • Make sure that there is a depositing method you like and trust.
  • Check that all pertinent information is available and that it is in jargon free language
  • Check to see that the customer support staff are both professional and friendly.
  • Look to see what bonuses and promotional offers are available as these can vary from site to site. 

There is no doubt that these are exciting times for the Japanese gambling community who are sure to embrace the best of online casinos and we can only wait to see how things progress within Japan over the next few months.



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