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If family vacations bring back memories of being stuffed in a crowded and stinking car with your siblings and parents, you’re a little behind the time. Road trips deserve to be fun, and they can be without too much of an investment. 

Brands like Bowlus are making exciting innovations in the world of luxury travel campers. They don’t require you to invest in an entire RV and learn how to navigate it down tight roads, but they offer a luxury travel experience no matter where you decide to set up camp. So if you’ve been hesitant about where to go for your next vacation, keep reading. 

We can’t tell you where to go, but we have a pretty good idea of how you should get there. 

Truly Modern Utilities

One of the biggest hassles of being on the road is not having access to many modern life conveniences. 

The lack of running water, electricity, and gas can be taxing in any situation - but it’s incredibly frustrating when you’ve been out in the wild for a week without access to essential utilities. Bowlus’ campers give you the best of both worlds. You can run the microwave and vital outlets in a full week on a single charge, and the air conditioning can run for a total of four hours off the grid. Getting solitude doesn’t have to mean sacrificing convenience anymore. 

And the heated floors and continuous hot water ensure that you’ll be nice and cozy even when the weather outside your camper is witheringly cold. 

It’s Bigger on the Inside

Bowlus campers don’t look like much from the outside. While they sport a pretty attractive design, they’re also small enough to be carried comfortably by a crossover SUV. But once you open the doors into the camper, you’ll be amazed by the amount of space. That mostly comes down to some creative design fundamentals. 

The bedroom can shift seamlessly from double twin beds into a spacious king, so you can adapt as the situation demands. In a wise move, the bathroom is attached separately to the bedroom. That means you can have company over in the expansive four-person dining room without having to worry about a swinging bathroom door continually getting in the way. And it means you can have the privacy you need even when your camper is packed to capacity. 

Tapped Into the Modern World

Access to both WiFi and cellular networks is increasingly becoming a practical necessity, as is the need to charge your devices. But whether you’re looking to just stay in touch with family on your hiking trip or take advantage of a work-from-home situation at your office, you can get everything you need with a Bowlus camper. 

The cell-enabled router and cellular booster ensure that you can get service even if you’re wandering out into the most desolate wilds, and you’ll have your private WiFi network wherever you go. In addition to being a surprisingly spacious living space, Bowlus’ campers are surprisingly effective mobile offices as well. 

There are 164,000 miles of highway in the United States alone, and it would be a shame to let all those roads go to waste. Fortunately, Bowlus has developed luxury travel campers that aren’t reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. And that’s just scratching the surface of their features and amenities. Bowlus can change how you think about travel, and it can provide you with a wealth of opportunities to explore the world in ways you never could otherwise.

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