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The Mumbai Indians have a rich history when it comes to the IPL. Not only are they the current holders of the IPL trophy but they are also the team to win the event the most since it was formed back in 2008.

Covid-19 caused a delay to the 2020 IPL, and there are many differences to the competition we are seeing take place right now, most notably that it isn’t being played in India at all. We also have fake crowd cheers, which have gained a lot of attention.

However, some things never change, and one of those is the Mumbai Indians and how they are competing.

They have started brilliantly and look destined for another long run in the tournament, potentially winning it again.

Why Have the Mumbai Indians Succeeded So Far?

The key for the Indians so far has been their consistency and their team togetherness. They don’t have the best batsman in the league, or the best bowler. But what they do have is a number of top-quality players who are all playing well, and all contributing to the overall success of the team.

When it comes to the bat, Quinton de Kock is leading the way with just over 300 runs so far, an excellent return from nine games.

He’s backed up by a further three players who have over 200 runs and then another two who are close to hitting 200. If de Kock doesn’t fire, this team can still get runs on the board and that takes the pressure of the South African a little, allowing him to relax and enjoy playing.

The batting line up that the Indians have is a big reason why many people are backing them for success with the newest betting site that are available. While ever they get runs on the board, this team is a real threat because after they have scored with the bat, a top-class bowling attack is unleashed to cause the opposition problems.

In terms of the bowling attack, Jasprit Bumrah leads the way with 15 wickets so far from nine games. He isn’t the best bowler in the competition in terms of wickets right now, but there will be no one else out there that has the same level of support as he does.

Trent Boult has 12 wickets, Rahul Chahar has 11 and James Pattinson has nine, so the Indians have four bowlers who are all averaging one wicket per game or more.

With these bowlers to come into play at the change, Bumrah knows he has quality behind him and doesn’t need to push hard and take risks. In a similar situation to Quinton de Kock with the bat, this allows him to play his natural game and relax, which has been a key part of why he is currently playing so well.

With this amount of quality, and perhaps more importantly, depth, it is no surprise to see the Mumbai Indians make a good start in the IPL. Can they maintain this and win their fifth title overall?

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