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Selecting your payment method does not immediately seem like a particularly important aspect of signing up at an online casino. However, we assure you that it very much is. 

Picture the scene. It’s the weekend and you have just won big at an online casino. You want to withdraw your winnings as soon as possible so you can enjoy a night on the town but because you choose the wrong payment option, this money does not reach your account until the middle of the following week.

 This is why it is so important to only game at licensed operators with fast payouts. One of most reliable ways to ensure the quickest withdrawal possible is by selecting the best payment method. There are many to choose from but we have detailed the four most popular options below. 

Online Banking

By far the most straightforward way to pay at an online casino is by linking your VISA, Mastercard or any other credit or debit card to your account. This process requires little if any extra work, making it a tempting proposition for many players. While it is extremely convenient, there are several things you should consider before going down this route.

For example, by using your bank account you are pretty much admitting defeat to securing an instant payout from an online casino. Bank transfers are subject to a delay of around three to five days while your provider performs security checks. Because of this, we rarely opt for this method of payment but it could be an option for anyone looking for an especially convenient and simple way to pay. 


Our second option is eWallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. An eWallet creates an extra layer of separation between yourself and the online casino. While these wallets can be funded and linked to your bank account, when using a provider such as Skrill, there is no need to directly link your bank account to your online casino. 

Instead, funding your gaming via your eWallet is sufficient. Although these electronic payment options always always lead to a fast withdrawal, they do take a small account of time to set up. Also, some online casinos do not accept all the different eWallets. 

Prepaid Cards 

Prepaid cards such as paysafecard are another option. Again, these create a layer of separation between your bank account and your online gaming. You purchase these cards in advance and then load the money into your online casino wallet. For instance, a paysafecard worth $50 would equate to $50 worth of money to bet with at a casino. Prepaid cards are particularly helpful when budgeting your gaming but they cannot be used for withdrawals. 


More and more online casinos are beginning to accept cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals. Tenders such as Bitcoin are ultra secure and always lead to the fastest payouts possible. They are also compatible across multiple foreign currencies. Despite all of its advantages, it is worth remembering that not all operators will accept this, although this is increasing as time moves on.

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