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Hemp oil has garnered a lot of attention over the years. They are extracted from Cannabis sativa and have a variety of uses. From easing pain to calming your mind - hemp oil provides innumerable health benefits. 

You might be confused with various terms like CBD, PCR, THC, etc. All of this may seem new to you - after all, the terminologies are unknown to beginners. 

We are here to clear your confusion. This article will clear most of your doubts regarding the difference between PCR and CBD oil.  

What is CBD? 

Cannabidiol is extracted from the leaf, stalk, and flower of the cannabis plant. It contains a high concentration of CBD isolate and has medicinal properties.  

Moreover, it is an active ingredient in many skin and health care products. CBD does not have other cannabinoids, which get destroyed during the process requiring lots of heat. 

PCR oil - All You Need To Know  

PCR or Phytocannabinoid-Rich oil is also known as Full-Spectrum hemp oil. It contains CBD and many other cannabinoids. The product is 100% legal in the country, and it does not make you high as it will not make you high. It is because PCR oil contains a low quantity of THC. 

The question is - Is PCR hemp oil the same as CBD oil? The answer is NO. There are some key differences that you should be aware of.  

What's the Difference? 

Ninety percent of PCR is CBD. So in a way, we can say that PCR is one form of CBD, but it has a wider spectrum of other cannabinoids. 

Full-spectrum CBD is made using a cold extraction process; these do not destroy the other useful cannabinoids in the extract and are similar to PCR. 

CBD oils are made with ethanol and CO2 extraction methods, whereas PCR makes fair use of another process called the vapor distillation extraction method. Moreover, CBD oil is odorless, flavorless, and colorless. Now, when you look at PCR oil, you will notice that it has a golden and brownish color. Moreover, it has an earthy smell as well. 

That is the major difference between the two.  

Which is better? PCR or CBD? 

PCR has a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. Therefore, it has an entourage effect and is more useful. However, your body might react differently to PCR and CBD oil. Some people experience nausea and other reactions when using PCR as it contains different varieties of cannabinoids, whereas some find it extremely useful. Similarly, due to the high concentration of CBD, some people experience side effects. 

PCR is most certainly a superior oil as compared to CBD. But, it also depends on what suits you.  

None of the components in PCR have anything that can get you high. So, you can use it conveniently.  

Applications of cannabinoids 

They are excellent pain-relievers and are also suitable for your pets. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, they can help you feel better and relax your muscles. They are mood enhancers and release happy hormones. Studies are showing its neuroprotective effects. Some experts suggest PCR can lower the chance of getting early-onset diabetes. They also improve bone and brain health. 

Skincare products having hemp extracts retain vitamins on your skin, and you will notice having healthier skin after using products with hemp extracts. 

How to use the oil? 

You can consume both of them through sublingual placement. It means that you take a sip and keep it under your tongue for some time and swallow it. You can also sprinkle it on salads and other food items. Please don't use them as a substitute for cooking oil because it has a low boiling point. 

Additionally, you can apply them to your skin or use skin products having hemp extracts.

Choosing CBD or PCR is a personal choice. If you are looking for a general health enhancer, PCR is better for you. All the variants of cannabinoids and other substances present in the oil can heal your body and make you feel better. CBD isolate is more suitable for those specifically in need of benefits of CBD. Either way, both are beneficial products and rarely show side effects in people.

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