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Nowadays, casino games are gaining acceptance among different groups of people around the globe. Experienced dealers, easy to access/navigate lobbies, and lucrative bonuses have played a huge role in the development of this field. The advancements of technology and the internet have also contributed, as recently it has been possible to play on the go or from the comfort of our homes. So, there is no need to visit land-based casinos and waste time or financial resources traveling anymore. 

Asia is one of the continents to have the highest growing population rate. This region is famous for its cultural diversity that is closely linked to the history of gambling. Even the global pandemic couldn’t stop the expansion of the hazard games in the country and on the contrary, it had a positive effect. The most loved entertainment games include slot machines, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. But, recently another exciting online game “pai gow” has been going strong in gaining popularity among enthusiasts. 

If you want to obtain more information about this casino game, stick with us and read our detailed article till the end. We cover useful facts about the origin of pai gow, bonuses you can take advantage of, game rules, loyalty programs, and much more.

Blackjack interesting features

As we already stated, this industry is characterized by high competition, especially in the Asian region. That’s the reason why companies offer various exciting online casino games to attract new customers. It’s not a surprise that one of the popular choices is Blackjack, precisely. There are several Blackjack variations, which slightly differ from one another, but all of them are pretty attractive among Asian punters. 

In the land based casinos, the dealer is responsible for running the game, from dealing the cards to setting bets. But, when playing online, players have the opportunity to run the game themselves. Blackjack, also named twenty-one, is played mostly using 52-cards. The main goal for the gamblers is to defeat the dealer by getting a score of 21 points. Sometimes the bonus amount depends on the amount you deposit or the payment method you use.

The origin of the game Pai Gow

Another popular choice is pai gow poker, which came into view approximately in the 1820s and according to a source, it was invented by an American casino owner. There are other beliefs considering that pai gow poker originated from the hands of the Bell Card Club owner. Even though no one possesses the exact information, the main fact is that this casino game is attracting loads of new customers each year thanks to its straightforwardness and simple rules.

So, if you are just gettins started don’t be afraid, this article explains everything in detail. Pai gow can be played by and the distribution of cards is always clockwise. The dealer distributes 2 cards first and then adds another 5. The bets are decided after the distribution of all the cards. In simple terms, your main goal is to beat the dealer on both hands. If the banker wins all the rounds, players lose their money, but if he only wins one round, which is called “push”, then the participants return the bets.

Further details about Pai Gow

Like we already stated above, the game rules are pretty easy to memorize. As poker rules apply here too, so it’s vital to have the ability to combine cards in order to win. The difficulty of this card game is to succeed in both rounds. Even though pai gow is considered a game of luck,  getting to know with broadly accepted tips and strategies can increase your chances of winning big. 

Another vital factor you need to take into account is that, even though the game rules are the same in all casinos, there still may be some slight differences. So, in order to avoid misunderstandings, Indian gamblers should read the “House way” topic of each casino they chose before starting playing.

Due to the fact that casino games are pretty fun and entertaining and as you see have simple rules, even the global pandemic couldn’t stop the expansion of the hazard games. On the contrary, it had a positive effect

How to play Baccarat

Baccarat can be found in most online or land based casinos across the globe. For the newbies this game can seem difficult at first, but the rules and strategies are very simple, so there is no need to be a mathematician in order to succeed. The main goal of the participant is to win the game against the banker. First you set your bet, then the dealer deals two cards and the most important thing to win is to reach the closest to 9 points.

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