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Laptops versus tablets, the debate has been continuing for years, and no final conclusion is likely to be drawn anytime soon. Each of these gadgets has its own area of specialisation. Human beings possess a tendency to favour electronic gadgets in their most portable form. Electronic devices that come in small packages are in popular fashion because of the convenience they offer. This lightweight nature of tablets may compel you to do away with the laptop. Besides that, there can be multiple reasons to take the plunge. For instance, the tablet's interface supports the broadband cellular connection. A 4G tablet allows you to make calls and connect to the internet, with the scope of integrating a SIM card into it. As a laptop owner, if you are contemplating switching from a laptop to a tablet, you must be aware of the various pros and cons associated with it. Before you replace your laptop with a tablet, such as an Apple iPad, refer to this comprehensive guide and finalize your decision. 

Advantages of replacing a laptop with a tablet 

  • Lightweight and compact: One of the obvious advantages of switching to a tablet is the portability factor linked to it. You can carry around a tablet with utmost comfort. The lightweight character of a tablet renders it desirable, particularly for those who frequently travel -- for business trips or for any other occasion. Even tablets with a sufficiently colossal display, like the 10-inch variants, weigh 500g to 600g at most. On the other hand, lightweight laptops weigh a minimum of 1.5 kg approximately. Tablets do not necessitate a separate, dedicated bag like a laptop. A tablet is also more compact than a laptop. Except for mini laptops, these all-in-one gadgets possess sizable dimensions. 
  • Uncomplicated operating system: Whether you own an Android tablet or an Apple iPad, you get access to a very simple and straightforward interface. iOS and Android are not confusing to operate. You can easily navigate and explore the varied functions and characteristics of a tablet without any trouble or inconvenience. The simplicity of tablets permits people to interact with the device with ease and thus leads to quick learning. You can also download several apps from the Google Play Store and App Store on tablets. 
  •  Better battery life: Laptops are notorious for possessing a rapidly exhausting battery. With laptops, the anxiety related to running out of power in crunch situations is ever-present. You have to plug in the charger every few hours, and hence, you cannot afford to work without any disturbance or interruption. However, tablets are immune to this problem. In comparison to laptops, these portable devices boast an impressive battery life. Moreover, they do not warrant the use of any special charger. So, in case of any misplacement, you can connect your tablet to a smartphone's charger. This luxury is, however, not present in the case of laptops. 
  • Better camera: Laptops do not offer a high resolution in terms of the camera. So, if you wish to attend meetings or communicate over Skype or any other application, you will have to invest in another device i.e a webcam. However, tablets offer powerful lenses that will present crystal clear pictures as you converse with others online. Moreover, you can always capture detailed selfies with your tablet. 
  •  Provision of SIM slots: Most tablets come with the facility of a SIM slot. The 4G tablets allow you to access the internet without requiring any LAN or Wi-Fi connection. You can make calls the traditional way with a tablet. 

Disadvantages of replacing a laptop with a tablet 

  • Relatively lesser storage capacity: You should ruminate over replacing your laptop with a tablet only when you do not require storing bulky files. With tablets, the issue of shortage of space is more likely to crop up. Hence, laptops are the go-to devices if you wish to store extensive documents. 
  • The inconvenience of a touch keyboard: One of the most striking disadvantages of a tablet is its touch keyboard. Typing long texts on a touch keyboard proves to be a very demanding and laborious affair. With touch screen tablets, you can employ a digital stylus, but that would imply greater investment. Laptops are accompanied by smooth tactile keyboards, which feel quite pleasing on the skin. 
  • Deprived of a powerful processor: A robust processor is mandatory for indulging in multitasking, and laptops are well-equipped with it. With tablets, you cannot expect the same efficiency and performance which you can relish with a laptop. 

Thus, after analysing the pros and cons and considering your requirements, you can repose your faith in a laptop or switch over to a tablet. If you wish to purchase a new laptop or tablet, secure it using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Settling a huge amount used to be a daunting task. The finances get disturbed, and you may be forced to limit your budget. However, by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can savour no-cost EMIs. It will allow you to compartmentalize your bill into smaller sections, with the interest on the EMI getting waived off. And if you purchase it from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you stand a chance to avail exciting discounts and cashback offers on select models. Furthermore, you will get the product delivered to your address within 24 hours if you place the order at the EMI Store.

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