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We have all had those days: When you want to rush somewhere, but you don’t have the time to run a comb through your hair, but you also have to look stylish. This can be quite frustrating. There are plenty of quick hairstyles you can try whenever you are in a rush, but you still want to look presentable. From crown braid to top knot bun to ponytail, the hairstyles are endless.

In just a few minutes, you will transform your human hair wigs easier. To do your own braided halo, part your hair at the center and make thick French braids on one side. Cross the plates at the nape of the neck and add some bobby pins to secure it.

1.      Twisted bangs

One of the hairstyles that have never gone out of fashion is the twisted bangs. They are saviors, especially on those bad hair days. To create this style, twist a small part of bangs backward and pin them on either side of your head. Then take another part from directly under the first one and twist and pin it over the first twist. It’s as simple as such.

2.      Scarf braid

If you have never tried this style, this is the perfect time to do so. Scarf braid looks very chick and it is quite simple to do. What you need to do is to secure a low ponytail with one end of a scarf [silk scarf]. Divide the ponytail into two parts on either side of the remaining tail of the scarf and braid the scarf with the two sections of hair until you reach the end. When about two inches of scarf remain, tie it around the hair that is left. You can twist the scarf braid around itself to secure it in a low bun or just leave the braid hanging loose.

3.      Boxer braids

We have seen a number of celebrities rocking this chic hairstyle. This style looks stylish, and you can achieve it with just a few steps. To get this look, part your hair right down the middle, then French-braid your tresses. You can keep the braids sleek and tight or loosen the strands for a relaxed look. The choice is entirely yours.

4.      Messy bun

The messy bun is the opposite of a sleek top-knot. Its main aim is to achieve an imperfection, but at the same time, a stylish look. A messy bun gives straight hair some life. You can even achieve this look with your u part wig.  To do the hairstyle, tip your head over to one side and spray a texture spray from underneath, starting at the ends first. Using your fingers, scrunch your hair until it is dry. This will help to create texture. Massage your hair using your fingers to create volume. Then collect your hair just as you would do for a tousled pony, but twist the ends into a bun.

5.      Top-knot

This style is perfect for girls who want to beat the heat and at the same time, look stylish. This hairstyle is very common partly because it is effortless to do. To achieve this hairstyle, prepare an elastic and a hairpin to create an excellent top knot. Use the elastic to tie your hair back on top of your head. Then twist your u part wig into a bun. To give it a softer effect, let it loose on the head with a few strands left hanging.

6.      French braided headband

This hairstyle lets the hair fall freely and at the same time, keep it away from your face. Additionally, it is simple and quick to do. French braided headband will give you both a chic and unique look. To do this hairstyle, start by taking a section of the hair below your ear and then braid across the head by pulling one inch wide pieces at a time. Continue with the braid until you reach your head’s bottom or where you started to braid. Using the elastic, tie the end of the braid and secure with a bobby pin. You can then spray with hairspray to give it a neat and shiny look.

7.      The perfect ponytail

The perfect ponytail allows you to keep it simple and stress-free. This timeless hairstyle is a sure way to create a neat and comfortable look that you can wear the entire day. This is a complete classic hairstyle that’s not about to get out of style any time soon. To achieve this look, comb or brush your human hair wig to untangle it. Put your thumb and forefinger around the hair you want to tie into a ponytail. Determine where you want to tie the hair [middle, high-up, or lower part of your head]. Use an elastic to secure it and then tighten the ponytail.

Final words

When it comes to quick hairstyles to save you time, there are plenty of hairstyles you can choose and still look stylish. Having zero time to run a comb through your hair doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and elegant. With the above hairstyles, you can easily achieve a stylish look effortlessly. The next time you want to attend a special occasion, but you don’t have the time to visit a hairstylist, choose any of this hairstyle, and you will be good to go. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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