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COVID-19, the global pandemic has led to the collapse of several systems and structures around the world. Many industries have shut down, and some are on the brim of shutting down. While uncertainty has surrounded the commercial sector in India, there is one industry seeing a significant surge during this pandemic. Due to its spread, the citizens of the country were locked inside their house, stepping out only for essential things and this lockdown led to boredom. People started looking for different ways to kill time and add entertainment and hence, turned their ways to the internet for online activities. This is where the online casino industry in India picked the pulse and became popular among Indians.  

Top Reasons Behind Impressive Growth of Online Casino Industries in India  

1.     Shut Down of Land-based Casinos  

One of the top reasons behind the increase in online casinos in India is the inability to visit land-based casinos due to shut down. All the popular regions like Daman and Goa consisting of famous land-based casinos have been forced closed by the government. The state government of Goa has declared the closure of public places including an educational institute from 15th March 2020, to prevent the spread of disease. However, even before the shutdown of the land-based casinos, online industry was booming in India, but as soon as the land-based casinos didn’t remain an option, there has been a significant increase in the industry.  

Several regular casino players in India found online casinos the best option to play their favorite games in the online version. Since people have more time at their hands due to the lack of other activities, they spend more time playing games at online casinos, which also brings them the chance to bag money. Several online casinos have also confirmed the hike in the number of players, frequency of using their site, and time spent at the platform. Moreover, they have observed a huge number of new registrations. 

2.     Cancelling of Sports Events  

The bad effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has also affected big sports events and tournaments. For instance, the Board of Control for Cricket in India decided to postpone the 13th edition of IPL (Indian Premier League) which was original to be started on 29th March 2020 which got postponed till 15th April 2020. Since the outbreak did not come to a halt, the schedule got postponed further. Besides, the Olympic, which was scheduled for this year, has been rescheduled for 2021. The decision was taken by the board to ensure the athletes' safety. Another major tournament, the EuroCup, had to be put on hold for the time being. Alongside these major tournaments, most of the smaller sporting events have also been affected. Due to the postpone of most sports events, the sports betting industry has seen a huge loss since there are no more matches or tournaments to place bets upon. The player's activity at sports betting sites is reduced significantly, and hence the sports gamblers started to find the alternatives. Therefore, the gamblers who used to visit land-based sports betting halls or place bets on online betting sites have routed their ways towards online casinos. 

 3.     Convenient Customer Support and Attractive Offers  

When it comes to feature, online casinos like LeoVegas and Casoola, they have walked several extra miles to provide the players with the best. In the earlier times when online casinos were not so famous, the players facing problems like technical glitches or payment issues did not receive very convenient support. Bur with the time and evolution of the internet, the operators started paying more attention to the quality of players' gaming experience. Today, in case of any technical problem the players can easily reach out to the customer care support and get their issues solved in a few minutes.  

Along with convenient customer care, the players are also offered attractive deals. Online casinos offer numerous lucrative welcome packages as well as amazing promotions to keep their players enthusiastic and interested. The players can take advantage of these offers and get the chance to bag some real money, from the comfort of their homes.  

These were the top three reasons behind the rapid growth of online casinos in India, especially during COVID-19. If you too are looking for some entertainment, try hands on top Indian Online Casinos like Pure Casino today. 

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