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The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works for many businesses big and small, and it is certainly an economic challenge for those of us who are no longer able to complete our work, and rely on customer interaction, etc. Despite these setbacks, however, for budding entrepreneurs and investors looking to continue bolstering their portfolio and building for the future, there is certainly an opportunity in the property market. Plus, with intelligent and efficient use of technology allowing many companies to operate as normal even in the face of self-isolation, there is no reason to allow the pandemic to interrupt your prospects for financial success.

Because of its stability, many stock investors suffering from a volatile market are beginning to shift their money from stocks and shares, and into a more secure investment property. Interested in the international property market, and want to find out more? Here’s some more information on the UK property market in particular, one of the most popular at the moment, as well as some detail on how tech (and VR in particular) is being used in order to bridge the gap and continue the viewing experience as authentically as possible.

A remote viewing experience using VR

Investors might be restricted from leaving their homes, and forced to self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still view properties. RWinvest, a UK property investment company with state-of-the-art and forward-thinking buy-to-let opportunities throughout globally recognised cities such as London, Liverpool and Manchester, are leveraging Virtual Reality – giving investors a competent and comprehensive investment package delivered digitally to their front room.

Of course, this technology is already in use with international investors, and those that are too busy to go directly to a property that’s quite far from their home. There has been a sharp increase in international interest in UK property over the last few years, and for those that aren’t afraid to stray farther afield to look at emerging global markets, the potential is there. With VR, there’s a tool available that gives you the chance to get a proper, 3D visual representation of your property, rather than just a standard 2D image.

Did you know – A large component in being successful with a property investment venture is knowing where to look in advance, and getting in on an area before it is oversaturated. With VR, investors can take a look inside the futuristic properties of tomorrow, before they have even been built. This way, they can get peace of mind and confidence in investing in a future property that might not even have been built yet. It seems that VR is not just a competent tool for showing us things that are unreachable at the moment, but also things that do not exist aside from in the far-flung (and near-immediate) future.

 The best cities to invest

The UK property market is booming currently, and with regeneration projects in the pipeline in many different cities nationwide, investing in a city-centre property now will vastly increase your prospects of house price growth (aka capital appreciation) as an area becomes more in demand from tenants. Tennant demand is continually on the rise in cities, and so in terms of securing a continuous renter for years to come, it’s recommended that you look to an urban area. Liverpool is topping many lists at the moment for one of the best spots to go with, due to its affordability against more expensive southern cities, a high rental yield percentage average (reaching 10% in the L1 postcode), and capital growth potential, again with the amount of regeneration planned there.

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