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YouTube is the biggest video platform yet. With 1.9 billion monthly logged-in users andover 700, 000 hours of video uploaded daily, it can benefit your business in more ways than you know. Leveraging on the power of video as the most consumed content type, and the popularity of video marketing, businesses can gain a lot from YouTube.

Big brands like Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft; all have and use YouTube to market and promote their products and services; you too can and should.

Here are 5 ways to grow your business using YouTube:

  1. 1.    Create a YouTube Channel

When you create a YouTube channel you are putting your business in front of 1.9 billion people. By properly setting up your YouTube channel you increase your chances of being found by search since YouTube is the second largest search engine. 

Also, by using your brand assets like your logo, moto, colors, jingles, etc in your channel art and thumbnails, you make it easier for searchers to identify you from the crowd.

2. Create Relevant Content

Most times people seek for certain information to solve a problem. For instance, John is on Google looking for how to fix a faulty stool and stumbles on your “Fix Anything Wooden” video in the search results.

If he visits your channel and finds a video in your playlist that helps him fix his faulty stool, he may likely subscribe to your channel. While checking out your profile he may click to your website and purchase other wooden or furniture products you sell. It also positions you as an authority in your industry. That’s the power of content, relevant content that is.

3. Work on Your Thumbnails

You may create great content, but with a bad cover image or thumbnail you may not so much as get a click or view.  Thumbnails are the small but mighty determinants of YouTube video views.

It is the first thing people see about your videos, and if it fails to make a good first impression there may be no second chance. They will judge your book by its cover. So to attract eyes and views to your video spend quality time creating a good thumbnail following minimum specifications.

4. Be Discoverable

Did you know that 90% of people say they discover new products and services via YouTube? Well, know now. Also know that YouTube as a search engine is second only to Google. And what do people search for? Videos of course.

By being on YouTube you increase your chances of being seen on the small screen. You increase visibility and discoverability when you create content regularly, subscribe to other people’s channels, comment on people’s videos, use ads, etc.

5.  Spy on Your Competitors

There’s no shame in this. If your competitors are doing better than you and succeeding on YouTube, it means they’re doing something differently. Take time out to understudy their strategy. Digitally snoop around.

Find out what kind of videos they’re creating, topics, when they publish, how they engage with and respond to comments. Also check to see if they’re using ads and how. There’s a lot you can learn from other successful businesses using YouTube. Find them and implement them.

(Author bio: Amos Onwukwe is a business and e-commerce copywriter who loves to write and share business advice for small business owners. He has been featured in Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insight, etc.)

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