When it comes to snacks and fast food, the very thing that comes to everyone's mind is; pizzas. In the last few years, pizza has garnered huge popularity in the Indian subcontinent. There are several companies out there who are all about serving pizzas to the crowd.

One such popular brand that emerged from Chandigarh is La'pinoz. This brand has changed the way pizzas are made and has created its niche in the market where everyone is looking for high-quality freshly made pizzas. 

Recently they have expanded and have reached one of the states of India, Gujarat; they are currently planning to run 100 plus stores in Gujarat. They have opened their restaurants in most Gujarat cities like Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, etc. The success story of lapinoz in Gujarat is now making headlines.  


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About La'Pinoz

In 2011, Chandigarh-based Sanam Kapoor thought of opening a place to serve fresh pizzas for pizza lovers. He is a pizza lover who saw that not many places around the subcontinent serve a great deal of variety in terms of toppings and freshness in the bread.

He went around, researched about pizzas, and learned as much as he could. Then after coming back, he started his pizza restaurant and named it La'Pinoz. In the last few years, La'Pinoz has spread its wings and has created popularity among pizza lovers, both young and old. Currently, the restaurant is established in around 150 plus cities across India and will hopefully spread more with time. 

La'Pinoz is also counted as one of the leading names by many brands and has been bestowed in their top lists and awards. Times food has bestowed the best quality service award to the La'Pinoz 4 times in a row. Many restaurant reviewers, TOI, Shoutlo, and Indian Express, have also put La'Pinoz in their best restaurant to serve pizza list.  

Now serving in Gujarat

One of the things that La'Pinoz is taking under their belt is the opportunity to expand across the country in as little time as possible. The brand is spreading to all those highly populated cities that have a huge young crowd. They know that the young crowd is more into relishing the pizzas these days. 

Gujarat is currently one of the most developed states in India. The cities of Gujarat are now highly developed and have a large crowd of young professionals and students. This makes it a great place to place one's pizza restaurants. 

These days, young crowds are well aware of the pizza culture and are also aware of how a good pizza should taste. That is why they are looking for places that make real pizzas and not an iteration of it. It gives La'Pinoz a great opportunity as well. La'Pinoz specializes in making Italian pizzas with fresh produce and fresh bread. 

Being one of the busiest states, and the crowd being all young and in a hurry, they want a good place to have fresh pizzas. One can sit at the restaurant and get their orders or can simply order and take it away. It makes a great place for a quick snack, party, or dinner.


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What makes pizza great?

Many might think that what makes the La'Pinoz pizzas so good. Well, there are several reasons behind the success story of lapinoz in Gujarat: 

-         Fresh: They have the best fresh-baked pizza in town. They used freshly baked bread and fresh produce for their toppings as well. It makes the pizzas healthier and tastier.

-         Cheese: One thing that pizzas should not go low on is cheese: La'Pinoz uses fresh cheese of different types that will go great with different pizza types. 

-         Variety: La'Pinoz offers their customers a large number of pizzas to have. It means one can pick anything they like based on their preference. One can also customize the toppings and other elements of the pizzas accordingly. 

Pizzas are a common choice, and having one of the best restaurants of pizzas in town can be a great thing. La'Pinoz is spreading their base to Gujarat and, that means people in Gujarat can now easily reach out and get their favourite pizzas made on the spot. One can enjoy some of the most popular pizza options or can get some customized pizzas made for themselves. 

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