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Finding food you enjoy that is also healthy for you can be a challenge for anyone. It is even more challenging when you have dietary restrictions. It can be a headache to eat out or buy anything pre-made. On the off chance, you find something that is made to fit your dietary needs your choices are always extremely limited. 

Some people have a dairy allergy which causes them to miss out on enjoying many treats. They can not have any traditional baking goods, Icecream or many other traditional desserts. When they try to go out they may be able to find one and on a lucky night two things on a dessert menu that they can enjoy without becoming ill. As you can imagine, this is difficult for them and can become extremely frustrating over time.

Dairy-Free Ice Cream

There is a sweet treat people with a dairy allergy can always enjoy and that is dairy-free ice cream. In the not too distant past, the only option they had at an ice cream parlor was sorbet. If the shop even had one available. Sorbet is a frozen dessert made with fruit and is dairy-free. Its texture is more similar to a popsicle than it is to ice cream. 

Several companies now produce a plant-based ice cream alternative. A popular one that has been around for several years is referred to as nice cream and is made with frozen bananas as the base. This puts extreme limits on the flavor profiles you can develop. There are only so many things that work with a banana base. Also, some people just are not huge fans of bananas. 

The newest version of plant-based ice cream that is being developed by companies on the cutting edge shockingly has the same texture as traditional ice cream. They use a combination of all-natural ingredients that include oats, potatoes, and corn to make their ice cream base. This allows people with a dairy allergy to finally have an alternative to traditional ice cream that tastes and feels like the real thing.

Other Benefits

Dairy-free ice cream is a great alternative to the traditional alternative for everyone. It is a healthy choice because you are cutting down on the fat content of your diet and not putting artificial ingredients into your body. It is also better for the environment because it leaves the dairy industry out of the production cycle. 

The dairy industry is very destructive to the environment. Your mind can not even fathom the amount of corn, water, and electricity that goes into keeping the dairy industry running. Let alone the horror that dairy cows are put through in most milking facilities. They are milked until their utters crack and the sores produce puss. Did you know that your milk is allowed to contain a certain percentage of pus and still be legal to sell?  Something to think about the next time you are at the dairy freezer. 

On top of all this, most of the companies that produce plant-based ice cream are extremely causes of their impact on the environment and do everything possible to minimize their effects on the eco-zones around their factories. This means that their products are not only healthier for you but they are also healthier for the planet. 

You now know that you can make the change to dairy-free ice cream and it will be painless. If you have a dairy allergy this will be a “no brainer”, though it should be an easy choice either way. A delicious dessert that is healthier for you and helps to save the planet, sounds pretty perfect, right? Hurry and make the change today so you can enjoy a great treat and leave a great planet for future generations to enjoy.

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