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 We all know the phrase blondes have more fun, but is this really true? We can't speak for people's lifestyles but when it comes to haircare this is usually not the case. Although the young and fun hair color is incredibly popular it can, unfortunately, be a nightmare to maintain.

That is because the yellow color used in hair dye, or even as it occurs naturally in blondes, is very susceptible to other colors. For example, if you are blonde and you jump in a chlorinated swimming pool on holiday you may emerge from the water with a bright green head!

Similarly, if dyed incorrectly you can very easily end up with bright yellow hair instead of a beautiful blonde color. So, the most important thing to do is to look after the blonde color that you want.

Where to find the best hair care for blondes

When it comes to blonde hair choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is very important. However, not one size fits all. This is whereProse hair comes in. They customize your shampoo and conditioner formulas specifically for you and your hair.

So, if there is a particular shade of blonde that you want to maintain, for example, if you want a more silvery color then you will want to choose a product with a higher concentration of purple. This purple color will counteract the yellow in the blonde, allowing you to rid your hair of any brassy undertones.

Prose hair allows you to choose exactly what hair care products are best for you. This way you can ensure that your blonde hair is getting the very best hair.

Customized products

You will need to fill out a short questionnaire so that the company knows what your expectations and desires are. From here they can create a formula that is unique to you, taking into account everything from your color, hair type and how often you wash your hair.

Once you have used the finished product you can either simply reorder or you can tweak the product to improve it. The choice is all yours!

What do they ask me?

They will ask you a few simple questions in order to better understand your hair care needs. This will allow them to create the perfect formula for your blonde hair. These can include the following:

  • Age
  • Hair type
  • Hair length
  • How oily or dry your hair is
  • Hair density
  • Shedding

Etc. Once you have filled out the questionnaire you can rest assured that your customized hair products will give you happy and healthy blonde hair. So that means no more dry, damaged blonde locks thanks to generic products.


When it comes to hair care you should consider everything that your hair needs. If you have blonde hair then it can be particularly susceptible to splitting and breaking, especially if it has been dyed. So, by creating a customized formula you can make sure that your hair stays in amazing condition for as long as possible.

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