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One change that all of us got used to in 2020? Shopping from home. People realized that everything from groceries to dinner to art could be delivered directly to their homes. Even as businesses began reopening later in the year, many people had grown accustomed to the convenience of home delivery, and companies have sprung up to take advantage of that trend. 

If you are in e-commerce or any other business that requires regular shipping, there is a good chance you are using materials that have been the same for a long time. There are ongoing advances in the packing industry, and if you haven’t tried some of those new products, you might be missing out. Here is a list of the best packing supplies on the market to try if you have not already.

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

Any discussion of packing solutions has to start with an explanation of how corrugated cardboard works. Cardboard is typically made from heavy paperboard with a corrugated mid-layer Cardboard. It is made of two elements: A smooth material known as a liner is paired with a fluted material known as a medium. This liner and the medium combination gives cardboard its strength and can be used in multiple formats: a simple sandwich if medium between two liners, one layer of each, or multi-tiered combinations of, potentially even with different gauges of the medium.

Things to Look for This Year

There are some indications that your packaging provider is of high quality. Many cardboard companies get packing materials from overseas, especially from plants in China. While this can lead to some labor savings (and there is no guarantee of that), domestically produced cardboard will have more consistent quality controls and usually lower delivery costs. 

Consider what type of companies are already using the company you are considering if that information is available. How many of them are in your chosen industry? Each industry presents unique packaging challenges, from oddly sized products to varying needs for support and strength. Finding a supplier familiar with the challenges of your industry is a no-brainer. 

Also, consider the sustainability of your packaging supplier. It is the right thing to do, but it is also clever marketing for your customers to know you are using environmentally sound suppliers. 

Cardboard is being used in some innovative ways this year:

1. Triangle Document Mailer

The traditional solution for documents and artwork has long been a cylindrical cardboard tube capped on both ends with a plug. A triangular mailer solves a couple of issues with mailing this type of package. First, not having round ends, the mailer doesn’t need plastic caps. Fold-down flaps can be integrated directly. Triangles also stack better than circles, so storage is improved.

2. Custom Packaging

Everyone knows when you receive an Amazon package before opening it because the packaging is so recognizable. Custom packaging allows you to carry your branding beyond the package contents and onto the outside. This allows your customers to get excited about what they are receiving before they get the package open. It also functions as marketing material for anyone who is not your customer who sees your package.

3.One Piece Folder Boxes

By utilizing a single-piece design, you can minimize storage space and have a durable shipping solution when you need it. One-piece boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and colors

And can be used for products of any size.


No matter what industry you are in, there are constant changes in your supply chain aspects. When considering your options for corrugated packaging suppliers, look for those who are being innovative and offering ever-improving solutions.

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