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Yellow Sapphire is a beautiful bright-colored gemstone that can mesmerize anyone. The stone is believed to bring immense success and fortune to the wearer. In Hindu culture, yellow Sapphire is popularly Known as Pukharaj or pushparagam and is associated with Lord Ganesha. Astrologically, Pukhraj is associated with planet Jupiter and hence is considered to attract respect, good luck, fortune, success, and all the good things in life. People across the world admire its beauty and embrace it to boost growth in their business or career. This article will explore many facets of the glorious yellow sapphire gemstone and how it can benefit you. Do not forget to like and share this article so that more people can find success. 

The color of this crystal

This stone has a shiny surface with varied hues of light to deep yellow color. Its color comes from the iron deposit in it. Depending upon the level of iron deposit, the yellow color of the crystal varies. However, its color does not impact the level of energy or benefit it offers to the wearer.  

Benefits of pushparagam stone

Yellow Sapphire is an auspicious stone in various cultures and is often connected with leading a good life. Many people experience instant results in experiencing positive outcomes after embracing this stone. Over a period of time, many benefits of wearing yellow sapphire jewelry have been recorded, and here are some benefits we list for you: 

  1. Achieve success 

For a vast majority of the people, the foremost reason for wearing pukhraj gemstone is to achieve desired success in life or business/career. The stone allows people with energy and wisdom that one needs to garner success. The wearer is always focused on his/her goals and finds solutions to overcome any challenge that comes in the way of achieving success.  

      2. Financial prosperity

Yellow Sapphire is an excellent stone for attracting financial abundance. In fact, it is one of the most popular stones among the Navaratans. It is believed that the one who wears pukhraj always has rajyog, meaning, the person will never face poverty or any challenge in financial matters. The stone is also said to give quick results in the form of financial status.

       3. The stone of knowledge

Whether it is about knowledge in general or spiritual knowledge, pushparagam stone always stimulates the mind of its wearer to absorb and seek knowledge. It is an auspicious gemstone when it comes to spiritual practices, and one who wishes to experience the depth of spiritual wisdom must adorn yellow sapphire jewelry all the time. 

        4. Attract love

The gemstone also showers blessings for attracting love and family affection. The stone is embraced by many families to ensure the continuation of healthy heirs and to maintain loving family bonds till eternity. This crystal is specifically good for females. The stone blesses the women in their search for a suitable lover and ensures happy married life. If any girl faces a challenge in getting married, she must wear this stone to overcome the problems and find the love of her life. The gemstone helps remove any obstacles or delays in the way. Also, the stone helps females to get reunited with their lovers who have parted ways in the past.

       5. Good for education

Yellow Sapphire helps students get good focus when it comes to studies and scoring marks. Any student facing problems in studies must wear pukhraj to get good results and excel in studies as desired. The crystal allows students to be creative and grasp education. Additionally, the stone also helps students with vibrant health and goodness in life. 

Astrological aspect

The planet Jupiter rules Pukhraj, and hence it is associated with gaining respect. Jupiter is a powerful plant, and anyone who wishes to wear pushparagam must see the placement of Jupiter in their birth chart. This stone is good for astrological signs Sagittarius and Pieces, but it can also be worn by signs like Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Cancer. Yellow Sapphire Stone gives quick results if worn in Gold or Panch Dhatu on a Thursday. It is also a good idea to clean and recharge pukhraj frequently to get the best results. For cleaning, you can simply clean it with a damp cloth and let it dry. In order to recharge this stone, you can keep it under fullmoon light on a quarterly or monthly basis. Once charged, this gemstone’s power will never fade, and you will always get desired results. 

Buying gemstones online

Fortunately, many trusted websites such as GemPundit and others offer a wide range of gemstones and jewelry. Such websites mostly have an international presence and a professional delivery service. Once on the website, you can see a lot of information on the jewels you wish to purchase. For example, you can buy jewels as per your astrological sign or another way. The best part is that these exclusive gemstone websites allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to buying gemstones online. You will also get an authenticity certificate for the gemstones that you buy on the websites. There are many more benefits that you can experience with online gemstone buying. 

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