Everybody needs friends in their lives. The right friends help you to grow and achieve your dreams. The right friend in your life can take you towards the path of success. People many times have a huge number of friends, but only that is not important. It is important to have the right friends.

Below is the list of some good friends that you need to achieve something in life. 

The Builder

A builder is a friend who is very important for your personal development. This friend will encourage you and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. Even if you sometimes get irritated at them, they won’t leave and keep on nagging you. They will get out of their way to make sure you succeed and will never get jealous of your success. They will keep on reminding you about your goals and aspirations and help you to achieve your dreams. This kind of friend is important in everyone’s life as we all need a little push so we can perform better in our respective fields. 

The cheerleader 

This kind of friend is loyal and kind. They always praise you and believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. They wound not only praise you in front of you, but they will also praise you behind your back. They are trustworthy and don’t appreciate dishonesty. These types of friends are never judgmental of you and appreciate everything you do and thus are your best cheerleader. A cheerleader has your back and ill stand with you even if the whole world is against you. When you do well, these friends are proud of you, and they share it with others. 

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The Collaborator

This is a type of friend with whom you share similar interests, hobbies, and goals. This means whenever you meet them you have a lot to talk and discuss. Nobody understands you better than them and if you ever want to start a business with someone, you will choose them as there are huge chances that they will like your idea. One reason that your relationship with them is strong is that they have a similar background to you and know where you are coming from. If you have such a person in your life then you can share with them the link to the articles of hobbies and interests that you both like and understand well.

The Companion 

This is your best friend - a friend with whom you share your deep dark secrets and fantasies. A friend whom you call first whenever something goes wrong or there is some good news! No matter what happens in your life, this one friend is constant and would know everything about you. This friend will know about your feelings and what you are thinking at the moment. These are the friends that don’t mind giving huge sacrifices for you and would do anything to keep you happy.

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 The Connector

This is the type of people who seem to “know everyone.” They socialize a lot and have many contacts. They are the friends who are always talking to people and have a huge list of friends. They love to socialize and will always be calling you for drinks, dinner, lunch, etc. Through them, you can meet new people and increase your circle. They are always on the phone with other people and giving them contacts and referring them. No matter whether you need a doctor, a new job, a girlfriend, etc, they are the people to go to! With them, you can also make new friends and enjoy socializing! 

The energizer 

These types of friends are fun to be around. No matter what kind of mood you have, they will pick you up and make sure that you enjoy yourself with them. These people are full of positive energy and are the life of any party. You just need to let these friends know that you are feeling down and they will do anything in their power to make you feel happy. They know the best places in the town to hang out and they will surely make you laugh. 

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The intellectuals

These friends are open-minded and much more accepting of different cultures, beliefs, and people. They always question things and make you question what you have been taught. A talk with them is full of discussions and is good for your mind. They are full of knowledge and will always increase your knowledge.

The mentor

These are the friends you look up to as they guide you towards the right path. They are the best people when it comes to taking advice from anyone. They will list your pros and cons of any decision and push you towards making the right choice. These friends will help you learn and grow by guiding you in the right direction.

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