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The worst thing about any social event is the fact that there is a chance that you have nothing to wear. There are oddball chances when you can find something in your closet that you can make look like new. But, there are certain social events that that should not be the case for. 

Festival season. Everyone needs specific clothes for it. More importantly, everyone needs new clothes for it every new year of the festival season. 

At iHeartRaves, we have the hottest new rave clothing you need for this upcoming festival season. Continue reading to learn what is the newest look and what we have in stock. 

Types Of Clothing 

First and foremost, the most important aspect of any festival season is knowing what type of clothing to look for. With so many options, it can be hard to narrow down what is best for you. Luckily, it can also be much more beneficial because there are so many options. 

Neon Clothes 

Some of the most fun of festival clothing is the fact that it is bright colored. The neon clothes that come out during season are some of the most unique and attending grabbing clothing available. 

We have several new neon clothing attire available for this 2021 season. Most of what is new are chaps. We have multiple reflective chap attire that is the must have of this year. 


With a plethora of options regarding color, we have plenty of new corsets available for the new season. Not only is the new color the most applicable for the new season but we also have new designs for our corsets. 

Corsets with sparkle or corsets with clasps. That is the question. Whichever one you chose, you are sure to turn heads with the hottest new trend. 

Trippy Pants 

Some of our best pants are in stock. But our newest pair are worth the purchase. For the love of the 80s and all things sparkly, you will certainly want a pair of these. They are the most applicable and needed bell bottoms for this year’s festival. 

Reflective Clothing 

Our new chaps are not only neon but they are also reflective and with them, more reflective wear. Crop tops, mini skirts, bikinis, and scrunchies are all a part of our new ensemble of reflective clothing. 

Types Of Accessories 


What can one do without sunglasses? More importantly, what can one do without sunglasses at a rave festival? Luckily, we have plenty of new options to choose from. 

From rimless glasses to Donna Square, we have exactly what is needed for this year’s festival. Our Fiery Queen sunglasses that come in multiple color options are also a part of our new ensemble. 


Because it is 2021, a fit would not be complete without a mask. Luckily, however, masks have been a part of the rave scene for quite some time. 

The history of masks at parties actually begins where most would least suspect it. The French started the trend at the turn of the 16th Century. They started wearing them as a part of their costume while attending lavish parties. While the French may have started the trend, the Italians took it to the next level by giving the masks an artistic flare. It became such an event that the wealthy began to ask artists to design their masks for them. 

While the history of masks at parties are lavish and extensive, the masks worn at raves are not quite as exquisite. Additionally, they are more often than not, affordable for us all. 

Grab one while you can! 

Hair Accessories 

Whether it’s a hair scrunchie, a headband, or a wig, we have it for you. The majority of our newest arrivals are within this accessory. 

From our Boo Hoo Harley Wig to our Come Fly With Me Butterfly Clips, we want to make sure that we are best outfitting you for the best festival season of the decade. 

Hand And Arm Accessories 

Some of the most attention grabbing accessories are worn on hands and arms. Lucky for you, we have bran new arrivals that are the best in the culture. From arm wraps to arm warmers, we can best outfit you with what your preference is. Rhinestone, mesh, or kaleidoscope. We have it all. 


iHeartRaves is the best in the business for new EDM clothes. Mainly, we’re the best for the hottest new rave clothing for this upcoming season.

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