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Many reasons may be responsible for the need to sell your house without response. Sometimes, you just do not have the luxury of the time to go through any repairs. All you want is to sell the house as is and move on. So, what are the odds that your house will sell without doing the necessary repairs? 

The answer is not pretty simple because other factors contribute to how fast a property sells. If you want to sell your house without forking out some cash for repairs, there are ways you can increase the odds and make it sell at a better price and faster too.

Options of Selling a House as Is

Of course, your house is not the only one on the market that has issues. The fact is that many houses on the market have issues and they still sell anyway. If you are planning to sell a house that requires a lot of repair work before it can be habitable, it is possible to sell it. When it comes to selling a home, three options can be explored. 

The first option is to completely remodel the house before putting it on the market. This might cost a fortune and can also be time-consuming. If you go through this route, you will sell the house at a higher price. The second option is to make only the most essential repairs before putting it up for sale. This will require some expenses also but you can be sure to sell it a little higher. 

The third option is to sell the house as is; which is probably the option you are trying to get information on if you are reading this. We will look at how selling a house as is works and how to increase the odds of selling it without any repairs.

How to Sell a House as is and How to Increase the Odds of Selling It

If you want to sell a house as is, it is best to inform the potential buyer about any faults. The truth is that whether you tell them or not, the housing inspector will. So, it is best to be transparent from the start to make the transaction smoother. To increase the odds of selling a house as it is, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • ·       Know the Buyer

People looking to buy fixer-upper properties always search for the potential of the house. These people want to invest money and time in a house to transform it into their dream home. Generally, there are three types of such buyers. They are deal hunters, remodelers, and house-flippers. The features that each of these types of buyers wants differ and understanding the needs of each of them will work to your advantage.

  • Clean Up the House

Although the house may require repairs, you should not leave it untidy. Fix up your garden and give your house a beautiful outer appearance. This is a great way to make a good first impression. Also, clean up the house and make it habitable, even with all its flaws.

  • Emphasize the Best Features of the House

Every house will have some great features that will attract buyers. So, highlight the amazing features of your house to the buyer. Any useful or unique features should be elaborated on when discussing with the buyer. Talk about the amazing floor plan, original fixtures, storage spaces, fireplaces, amazing views, and patio of the house. This will convince your buyer that they are getting a great deal even if they have to invest in repairs.


When selling a house as it is, understand that other houses in the neighborhood may have the same market price as yours. However, if your house needs extensive repairs, the price may be lower. You can make the best of the situation by following the three tips highlighted above.

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