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Online gambling continues to see a rapid increase in popularity in India, at casino tables, in sports betting, and in online slots. But what are the factors that are contributing to its growth? Of course, there are a number of reasons to explain the growth, including alternative payment methods and increased mobile technology. 

Due to smartphone accessibility, the casino business has exploded in popularity in India. While some brands go further than others to adapt their online casino to Indian players, all of the big brands are represented online. Here are the biggest contributing factors that have resulted in an expansion of the online casino industry in India, starting with the aforementioned contribution of mobile phones and technology. 

The Introduction of Smartphones 

Most online gambling providers are developing casino games compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Access to updated technology is a requirement for online gambling. The rapid development of technological devices has enabled more citizens in Indian to access smartphones, making it easier to play at online casinos. As technology continues to expand, online gambling is expected to grow right alongside it, with more and more people able to benefit from opportunities to gamble online. 

Investments from Major Players 

An industry tends to gain trust when supported by reputable, major brands. Companies such as Tencent, Nazarra, Youzu, and Alibaba have all recently become notable supporters, sponsors, and investors of the online casino industry in India. This support has increased trust, helping the industry to grow in the process. 

A Massive Population 

Thanks to the huge population, India is a significant player in a number of major markets, and it takes little effort for the country to make its mark in terms of revenue. With hundreds of millions of people now having access to the Internet, there’s increased capacity to make an impact on the online casino industry. 

India also has the largest youth population in the world, which has resulted in the majority of industries developing interests for new generations. One of these interests is digital sports, which includes gambling. A Statista study from 2016 revealed that two-thirds of heavy gamers in the country are 23 years of age or under. 

More Convenient Payment Methods 

Due to the legalities in India when it comes to online casinos, banks have been known to hesitate, or even refuse, to process gambling transactions. This causes issues for players trying to deposit funds into an online casino. However, with the introduction of e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, and prepaid cards like AstroPay, Indian players can credit their online casino without needing to involve their bank accounts. These alternative payment methods are available at almost all online casinos in India. 

More Online Casinos 

At one time, there were only a small number of online casinos that accepted players from India. This has changed, with an increasing number of online casinos launching campaigns that specifically targeted Indian players. These campaigns resulted in popularising a number of specific games among the Indian gambling base. 

Government Support 

While the Indian government isn’t actively endorsing gambling online, recent programmes have made the Internet more accessible to a growing number of people who could potentially go on and play at online casinos. While these programmes were developed to help young people in India access the Internet and see them take part in various eSports, online casinos have also benefitted. 

More to Come 

People in India love catching up with the latest news on cricket and having a bet on their favourite team. But they also enjoy gambling online. With more people in India able to access the Internet than ever before, along with the advancements in mobile technology, we can expect that the popularity of online casinos in India will only continue to grow.



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