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Growing Online Casino Industry in India: Reasons and Consequences

(Here we take a close look at the online casino gaming industry in India, its current trends and future expectations as well as the reasons for the uptick in iGaming market traffic.)

The iGaming industry has been rapidly growing worldwide over the last decade and India is not an exception. In fact, Indians seem to be quite into online gaming, with the market expanding at a highly unexpected pace. In 2019, the Indian gaming industry stood valued at 62 Billion Indian Rupees and the number is expected to nearly quadruple within the next decade.

Among the various iGaming activities, online casinos have been among those with the largest numbers of players and the biggest revenue. The growing youth population and their increasing access to modern technology has made online casino games extremely popular.

Various websites have also helped the spread of online gambling by providing valuable and useful information. A concise online casino list and other reliable resources is something every new player should consider before diving into casino games.

We take a look at some of the biggest reasons for the growth of online casino industry in India and how they impacted the market.

The Increasing Access to Technology

Access to technology is one of the main prerequisites for online gaming. The rapid development of technology in our country has allowed more citizens to gain access to mobile devices that make it easy to access the world wide web and iGaming content.

With more people than ever able to access online gaming sites, it is no surprise that there has been a significant uptick in the amount of real money players and deposits made with online casinos and other gaming sites.

As technology access continues to expand and more devices are introduced into the population, further growth of iGaming is expected as well, which is one of the leading reasons for the expected 250 Billion Rupees market value for 2030.

A Huge Population

India is a big player in many major markets thanks to the massive population we have. It does not take much for Indians to overtake other countries in terms of revenue. Considering that hundreds of millions of Indians now have access to the internet, our capacity to make an impact on the online casino industry is clear.

This exact same reason has made India one of the leading countries in many other industries as our fast development in recent years is taking the country in the right direction.

Support from the Authorities

Even though the Indian government is not actively endorsing online gambling as such, recent government programs have surely made internet available for a growing number of potential players. The programs were designed to help Indian youth gain access to the internet and have them competing in various eSports, but online gambling sites have also seen some use from this.

More Available Casinos

India used to not be a very attractive market for online casinos, so many of them did not even accept Indian players or did not actively market in the country. This has all changed more recently, as a growing number of casino sites launched campaigns aimed at India specifically and increased access to Indian players. These campaigns have made a number of online casino games very popular among local players.

While it used to be hard for players to get onto online casinos from India in the past, today players can easily join a growing number of sites and play games in both English and Hindu. All of this is available via mobile devices as well, making extremely easy for young Indians to enjoy this type of entertainment.

What the Future Holds

Considering the fact that we have never had as many people with access to the internet than we do in recent months and the fact that mobile technology is so easily available, there is no doubt that the iGaming industry has a lot to look forward to from India.

As long as current trends continue without significant interference, we can expect the uptick in online casino gaming within India to also continue. Just how large the Indian iGaming market can eventually become remains to be seen, and years ahead will likely demonstrate it.

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