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The global craft beer scene is becoming more diverse this month with the entry of Rupee Beer which has set out on a journey to retell the story of the iconic Indian Rupee.  

Winners for the Best Indian Beer 2021 at the Food & Drink Awards, Rupee is making a splash in the global craft brewing scene. Designed & crafted by a world-renowned master beer brewer responsible for several beer brands, & an award winning Indian chef, Rupee remains at the forefront of creating complex international Indian beverages designed as the go-to pairing for Indian, spicy, & robust world cuisine. 

Known historically as the ‘The Lion King’, Sultan Sher Shah Suri was the leader of the revolutionary 16th century Suri Dynasty stretching across present day India.  

Defeating the ultra lavish Mogul Empire, the wealthiest empire of its time before the arrival of the British Empire, Suri was viewed as a visionary strategist ahead of his time. 

His most notable contributions are attributed as building The Grand Trunk Road (one of Asia's oldest & longest roads), setting up a working postal network across the Indian Subcontinent, & being the earliest issuer of the modern day Indian Rupee.Today, the Rupee remains the official currency of India & seven other countries around the world. 

With limited Indian beer options available on the market for the last decade, Rupee is innovating within the Indian restaurant segment. Being slowed brewed to a traditional Indian recipe remaining all natural for an unforgettably smooth taste & finish. Over one year of R&D & food pairings went into crafting the perfect recipe to go to market. 

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Rupee's brewers and team are ready to expand across the United States and introduce their recipe to foodies and beer drinkers passionate about their vision. Learn more at

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