4 things family expects

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When we are caught up in a hectic whirlwind of activities - whether it's running the household, juggling work-life balance, or taking care of children - we often fail to understand what our loved ones expect from us.

But like Michael Fox has put it, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything”, the powerful bond between you and your loved ones expect a few things from you (especially if you are the breadwinner).

Therefore, today when our lives seem to be all about “24×7”, it’s vital that you find more quality time for your dear ones and understand their expectations.

  1. 1.      Time - “ You are My Priority”

Time, without a doubt, is the greatest asset. Your loved ones wait for you to get back home and give them time and attention. As families who spend time together, build stronger ties than those that don't.

However, it doesn’t mean that you spend time sitting inactively together, glued to the television or mobile screens. It likewise doesn't count if you spend time disagreeing on things. Its all about quality over quantity!

What can you do to spend time together:

  • Go on a walk together after dinner
  • Bring your children to school or to any extra tuitions they may have
  • Plan a day out each month
  • Create a family ritual for important milestones like birthdays and wedding anniversaries 
  1. 2.     Emotional Support - “ I Am Here for You!”

Your family expects you to lend them emotional support when needed. Therefore, it is essential to communicate with them, listen to them and understand their problems.

Remember that giving emotional support begins by allowing positive as well as negative emotions. All you need to do is celebrate positive emotions and support negative emotions.

What you can do:

  • Be respectful of each others feeling
  • If any member is facing emotional stress, let them know that you are always there for them
  • Be a good listener and provide solutions if you can 
  1. 3.     Financial Support - “ Your Future is Secured”

As a breadwinner, it’s vital that you pay greater attention to your family’s current and long-term financial health since they may not have other resources to fall back on. Along these lines, you must understand the financial goals of each member in your family - whether it's your spouse who wants to start a small business or your child who wants to be an Astronaut!

And it doesn’t just stop at understanding their goals. Think about how their dreams can turn into reality even in your absence. Therefore, an essential part of financially protecting your dear ones is considering life insurance plans, specifically term insurance. Term insurance can ensure that your family receives money to pay for all their needs and goals and get back on their feet, even in your absence.

Today many insurers including Future Generali offer term insurance calculators, which allow you to calculate the adequate sum assured required to cover your loved ones. Moreover, these term insurance calculators save time and help one easily estimate the premium for a particular plan.

Other ways to support your loved ones financially:

  • Provide steady affirmation of your family’s plans and dreams
  • Talk to your children about money and channel the right attitude about it
  • Make investments towards your children’s higher education 
  1. 4.     Teamwork- “ We are Together in This”

Your family members expect you to work as a team - where everyone can contribute and feel supported at all times. Its all about having more than one person working towards a common family goal. This way, it's easier for everyone to understand where they stand, have clear expectations as well as know their limits.

Here’s how you can encourage teamwork:

  • Include your children in family decisions, be it vacations, rules or other crucial activities
  • Work together to solve problems
  • Share household chores
  • Listen to suggestions about new ways of accomplishing goals

The Bottom Line:

Good family relationships can only be built if you understand each other’s needs and expectations and works towards fulfilling them. Always remember that communication, quality time, protection and teamwork are essential pillars for feeling secure and loved at all times.

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