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With the holiday season approaching fast, many people find themselves thinking about what to buy for their loved ones. Significant other, parents, children, best friends, relatives or coworkers - picking the perfect gifts for them will feel like a breeze by comparison to the thought that you also have to find the right present for your boss. 

A bottle of quality bourbon, wine or champagne, accompanied by cigars or matching crystal glasses may not always do the trick, especially if your boss is not passionate about these things. Therefore, a thoughtful gift that will show how much you truly appreciate him should always be linked to his hobbies, passions, and interests. 

If your superior is an enthusiastic bird watcher, these products represent the right choices for him.  

A wildlife photography album

Every animal lover must have at least one photography album with some of the most impressive shots ever taken. Bird lovers have plenty of options to choose from, filled with information about the most breathtaking bird species in the world and their features. 

Unfortunately, many species continue to vanish throughout North America due to severe pollution, climate change, and human activity. Several wildlife reserves and NGOs try to raise awareness about the disastrous effects of pollution on the bird populations in America, and one way to do so is by publishing photography albums. Thus, we encourage you to find one and even make a donation in your boss’ name.  


Although professional products cost several hundred dollars, you can still offer your boss a thoughtful gift in the form of some pocket binoculars. There are plenty of cheap options available on the market that are perfect for light birdwatching trips to the nearest parks and forests. 

Just make sure the item is lightweight, durable, weatherproof, and shock-resistant so it won’t break after a couple of uses.  

Bird feeders

Who said you have to be the one chasing birds all the time? If your boss has a backyard, you can buy him a birdhouse or a bird feeder to attract various species into the area daily. 

It only takes a couple of weeks to train birds to return to a specific location and, in time, you can even attract new species looking for food. Just make sure to always serve quality seeds and enough water for them to drink in the summertime.  

Gift cards for bird apps

As a true bird passionate, your boss must already know some amazing and useful bird apps. However, most of them come with a price, and this is why a good gift option would be to help your boss download these apps.

One of the most amazing apps allows you to identify within seconds the bird species you are seeing in front of you with the use of your phone camera. This is perfect for newbies and professionals alike who enjoy taking long trips in remote locations, looking to spot the rarest birds and their cribs.  

Magazine subscriptions

A yearly monthly subscription to your boss’s favorite bird and wildlife magazine won’t cost you a fortune but will show you care about his passions and interests. The good thing is that most of these magazines also have an online edition that can be consulted anytime, anywhere, without wasting additional paper. 

Some of the most popular bird magazines that you can subscribe to include Audubon, American Birding Association, Birdwatching, Bird Watcher’s Digest, and Birds and Blooms.  

Bird-associated alcohol brands

If your boss does enjoy a glass of whiskey on the rocks on rare occasions, why not offer him a bottle of quality alcohol that also happens to wear the name of his favorite bird? Wild Turkey Bourbon, The Little Penguin wine brand or The Bells American Amber Ale are but a few of the choices available on the market.  

Bird-friendly coffee 

As we previously mentioned, alcohol and coffee are the standard choices when it comes to male gifts but this doesn’t mean you cannot personalize them to meet your boss’ requirements. 

Coffee is enjoyed by millions of people around the world but, unfortunately, coffee plantations don’t support wildlife, and can even put at risk several species of animals, including birds. 

Luckily, several bird-friendly coffee brands support Mother Nature and birds. Coffee beans that are bird-friendly come from family farms that support wildlife habitats and grow coffee trees under the shade of other trees. 

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