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In this article we’ll be diving into the world on online gambling, and more specifically, the top 5 leading news sites that cover the gambling industry. 

So without further ado, here’s the top 5 best sites for gambling news as of today: 


Founder: Calvin Ayre

Editor-in-Chief: Bill Beatty 

The gambling news website was created by the iGaming pioneer Calvin Ayre in 2010. 

Calvin Ayre, who founded the old-school gambling website Bodog, was tired of the low quality gambling media at the time and decided to do something about it. 

Today is one of the leading online publications for gambling news and has been cited in top authority sites such as,, and


Founder: Not listed

Editorial director: Stephen Carter is the company behind the massive iGB conferences for operators and affiliates in London (and multiple other locations) every year. 

The operator and game provider conference is called ICE and the affiliate conference is called iGB affiliate. However, that’s not all the iGB does. 

On their website, you can follow the latest news from the gaming industry with focus on legislation, innovation and compliance.


Founder: Not listed

Editor-in-Chief: Not listed 

Gambling Insider is published by Players Publishing, a UK company based in London. The website follows the latest trends from the world of gambling and also publishes a proper glossy magazine. 

Gambling Insider has been featured in articles on, and


Founder: Stanley R. Sludikoff (Stanley Roberts)

Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Brown 

Gambling Times is the oldest publication on our list, which has been around since the late seventies (1977 to be exact). Back in the day, the Gambling Times magazine was distributed to all poker rooms and casinos in the US. Today, however, the magazine only publishes their content on the internet. 

Gambling Times is primarily US focused, with news regarding the now legal US gambling market (in selected states). However, this week the company announced the launch of Gambling Times India, stating that they are looking to expand into new markets. 

Gambling Times has been featured in and, among other credible sources. 


Founder: Gaming Intelligence Services Limited

Editor-in-Chief: Not listed 

Gaming Intelligence is published by the British company Gaming Intelligence Services Limited, which also publishes the GIQ Magazine. 

Gaming Intelligence is, apart from being a gambling news site, also hosts a yearly awards program where they celebrate excellence in gaming.

 Previous winners include Playtech (poker supplier of the year) and NetEnt. 

Gaming Intelligence has been featured in, and among others. 


The casino and betting industry is sometimes referred to as “the wild west”, due to years of unregulated business being done with lack of state overview. This makes for very “juicy” stories, and there are loads of good gambling publications out there. However, to our taste, the sites listed above are the best of the best. Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

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