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League of Legends and Dota 2 reached the top of the world’s esports long ago. A person unfamiliar with competitive gaming may find them the same. Still, despite having obvious likenesses, these games also have fundamental differences. And these differences are what Yesportsbet.com experts would like to describe.

Betting on Dota 2 and LoL is not that simple. To bet successfully, you need to have wide and deep knowledge of gameplay mechanics of both games. The attempt to use your LoL betting knowledge to bet on DotA 2 (and vice versa) may lead you to serious mistakes. Elements influencing the endgame result can be completely different for LoL and DotA 2 matches.

 Obviously, DotA 2 and LoL have common origins. Both games are MOBA. Also, they appeared from the same game mod to WarCraft III called Defence of the Ancients (DotA).

Valve (DotA 2 creators) and Riot Games (League of Legends creators) took inspiration from that modification when designing their game versions. Still, the design had different directions.

Riot Games decided to focus on a visually pleasant game easy to start playing but hard to become a professional at. In a turn, Valve wanted to create a far more strategic game. That is why DotA 2 fans usually call LoL as a “simplified” version of their favorite MOBA. Though, not every player shares that opinion.

What Are Similarities between LoL and DotA 2?

To play both LoL and DotA 2, there are two teams with 5 players in each. The main map of two games is also quite similar and consists of three lanes. They are the top lane, the middle (mid) lane and the bottom (bot) lane. Additionally, there are jungle areas to farm neutral units.

To win in a match, players need to break the main building of their enemy’s base. In DotA 2 it is called Ancient. In LoL, they call it Nexus.

The match starts with the laning phase. During the certain period of time, teams in DotA 2 and LoL go in for “farming” (killing creeps/minions) to earn gold and experience. Experience and gold are used to empower characters and destroy enemy base as a result.

Out of more than 100 characters in every game, some of the heroes may look quite likely. For instance, they are Ursa and Warwick, Winter Vyvern and Anivia, Ashe and Drow Ranger. Although characters seem to be the same for the first look, they usually have completely different roles and abilities.

After the laning phase is over, teams group up to start full-scare fighting against enemies and to finally destroy enemy towers and buildings. Also, teams try to slay the biggest neutral monsters on the map, Roshan (DotA 2) and Baron Nashor (LoL), to gain additional advantages.

Roshan and Baron Nashor are located at nearly the same areas in both games, have nearly equal cooldowns and rewards. In DotA 2, slaying Roshan gives immortality to a hero picking Aegis of the Immortal. In LoL, the reward for slaying the Baron (Hand of Baron) buffs the whole team to increase their lane pushing potential.

 LoL versus DotA 2: Main Gameplay Differences

 As it was already mentioned, both games have their laning phases. Still, their structure has many differences. At first, DotA 2 has much less skillshots (abilities requiring players to aim “by hand”), and this means less harassment with abilities on lanes.

On the other side, there is the “denial” mechanics in DotA 2, allowing heroes to lasthit ally creeps to take away gold and experience from the enemy. In LoL, there is no such a gameplay element. There, you can hit only enemy units. In certain situations, you can even “deny” an allied hero in DotA 2.

In DotA, heroes can stay in their lanes for long because of the courier. The courier is the unit delivering purchased items to heroes. After 3 minutes of the match, it is possible to upgrade it to the flying courier and accelerate item delivery significantly.

In LoL, there is no courier, so champions need to go back to their base and purchase items there. It is the only shop available for every team on the map in League of Legends, while in DotA 2 there are 3 kinds of shops: the base shop, the side lane shop and the “secret” shop inside the jungle.  

Games have different mechanics, so that is why they deliver completely different experience. In LoL, the champion turns and starts moving instantly after the mouse click. In DotA 2 the player has to wait some moments until their hero “hears” the command.

Gold and experience matter both in LoL and DotA 2, but in DotA there are two types of gold: reliable and unreliable gold. Reliable gold is the reward gained for slaying enemy heroes, Roshan, courier, and for the use of Hand of Midas item. Unreliable gold is that gained through other actions like slaying creeps, for instance.

After a hero or champion got killed, players have to wait during the certain period of time before they resurrect. Timings vary depending on the match duration. Still, in DotA 2 there is the buy-back possibility.

On the certain DotA 2 map positions, there are runes divided into two types. Bounty runes give additional gold, while other runes give various temporary buffs to the hero who uses them. Heroes can keep runes in bottles to use them at the suitable moment.

In League of Legends, there are no runes. Nevertheless, there are certain neutral minions giving additional strength buffs to the champion who slays them.

In both games, heroes/champions gain power till the end of the game, but this works differently for two concepts. In LoL, that mechanic is more graduate and equal. Players pump their powers gradually, reach their peak and start losing their dominance also gradually.

In DotA 2, not only heroes but whole team compositions have their development peak timing. At that moment, the team needs to be stronger than their opponent and try to finish the game. In case the match lasts longer than intended, the early game composition of heroes loses almost certainly.

LoL vs DotA 2: Non-Gameplay Differences

LoL players can choose two additional abilities (Summoner Spells) before the game starts. Among them, there are:

-        Flash (allows teleporting through short distances, has long cooldown duration).

-        Barrier (gives a temporary shield to a champion).

-        Ignite (sets an enemy champion on fire for 5 seconds dealing damage and reducing heal effects).

-        Heal (heals a part of HP points of nearby allies).

Usually, these abilities are dedicated to certain game roles. For instance, Smite (the ability dealing damage only to neutral monsters and enemy minions) is the spell junglers always use.

In DotA 2, there is no such choice before the match.

Additionally, in LoL, players choose their roles before the match starts. In DotA 2, roles are much more flexible. Mostly, heroes can play on completely different roles, and this fact allows players changing their team strategy on the go, right during the game.

In LoL, there are five main roles:

-        Top.

-        Jungler.

-        Mid.

-        ADC (attack damage carry).

-        Support.

In DotA 2, there are more possible roles: carry, disabler, initiator, jungler, support, nuker, pusher and escape. With five heroes per team and nine roles, teams can play every match in DotA 2 differently.

Support heroes/champions have different use in two games. In DotA 2, supports frequently are initiators and disablers. In LoL, supports usually play as assistants for ADC.

In LoL champions have four abilities: three basic ones and one ultimate available after they reach level 6. In DotA 2, heroes can have different numbers of abilities, and this fact changes the game significantly. For instance, one of the most difficult DotA 2 heroes, Invoker, has a set of 14 abilities!

 Another important difference between LoL and DotA 2 is in talents. Valve added them into DotA 2 relatively recently, in December 2017. Every hero has unique talents possible to choose after each 5 levels starting from the 10th. Most frequently, talents empower character’s abilities or add experience/gold they gain.

In LoL, there are rune sets which give certain bonuses to champions. The player can distribute mastery points between certain aspects in the way most comfortable and suitable for them before the game starts.

To Conclude

To bet on DotA 2 or LoL successfully, one needs to understand the difference and features between these two disciplines. The understanding of MOBA genre itself can’t replace deep knowledge of the particular game. As a result, it is important to know where and how these two games are different to avoid transferring the unsuitable experience from one discipline into another.

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