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The online casino industry has continued to grow at exponential speeds, with the number of users, platforms and operators each continuing to increase at a rate that many would find mind-blowing. 

There are a number of reasons that have helped to facilitate the rise in online casinos over the years, with technology playing a huge role in helping each one immensely and perhaps being the overall riding factor as to why the industry is as big as it is in the current day - and why it will only likely get bigger in the future, as well. 

Let’s take a look at each of the factors that have played an undeniable significant role in helping the online casino sector to continue to grow at the rapid rate that it has over the last decade and why they have had such an influence. 


As mentioned, technology is one of the biggest - if not the main - reasons why there has been a huge rise in online casinos over the last 10 years. Casumo is an online casino that has certainly been able to benefit from the advancements that technology has managed to go through throughout this period. 

The internet has been able to improve immensely as it has become capable of providing operators with the platform that they need in order to host and effectively run the games that have been provided by developers efficiently as possible. 

The developers have also benefitted by the amount of improvement tech has gone through, as they are able to be more inventive, more innovative and provide even more complex features within their games as they continue to keep things as interesting as possible for players, thus ensuring that they keep on coming back to play. 


Whilst heading out to a physical casino will always be a great way to spend an evening for some, with the way the world has become and the fact that time does not feel as long as it once did, online casinos have become incredibly convenient for people. 

Heading to a brick-and-mortar casino can take a lot of time with everything that is associated with it - getting dressed up, travelling to the venue and then back home etc. - playing an online casino can reduce that time drastically whilst punters are able to wear whatever they want and not have to abide by any potential dress code that may be implemented. 


Fitting in with the theme of convenience (and technology), online casinos have seen a huge rise over the last decade because of the emergence of smartphones and tablets. These devices have had an incredible impact on the entire world population, as they have changed the way people live. 

As online casinos have managed to improve with the technological features that have been made available, operators and developers are now able to optimise their platforms to be able to be used on these portable devices via the use of web browsers and apps, thus making them available to access anywhere at any time.

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