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What is mechanical breakdown insurance? Simply put, MBI is an insurance policy designed to cover trips to your local mechanic due to mechanical issues as opposed to an accident. For instance, a puncture in your auto's air conditioning hose or a broken engine will likely be covered by MBI if you purchased the coverage. 

One of the most common reasons why people purchase MBI is to protect against unexpected repairs to their vehicles. If your car has engine problems, transmission issues, or any other kind of major repairs, it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it fixed. When you consider the cost of having major repairs done and the amount of money you will lose if your vehicle breaks down, buying insurance is the only way to prevent that loss. If you own used cars, the amount of money you will save on repairs may actually make you want to own new cars instead! 

What are the benefits of mechanical breakdown insurance? If your car undergoes regular maintenance that would normally keep it running smoothly, but something goes wrong, you can typically fix the problem yourself without having to call anyone for help. Usually, when something goes wrong with your car's engine, it means that you should not drive it for a period of time or at least have someone there in case something does break down. Some insurance companies offer warranties on their vehicles so that you can drive them knowing that they are covered in the event of an emergency, but most standard policies provide for routine maintenance that will keep your car running smoothly. 

Sometimes though, things go wrong just the way you would never expect. Your car breaks down, and you do not have a car dealership nearby to tow your vehicle or give you a quick call to let you know what has happened. You do not have any regular insurance policy that would cover such an issue, so you have to get creative in order to get your car fixed. What is mechanical breakdown insurance? 

Mechanic's Bill of Materials (MBM) covers damage that you incur to a car during routine maintenance that cannot be fixed by replacing the parts or repairing it. Basically, this means that it covers damage that occurs due to circumstances out of your control such as natural disasters. If your car is covered through a standard auto insurance policy, then your coverage is likely to pay for the repair cost to your vehicle. However, this benefit is usually only good for the covered area of your travel. 

What is mechanical breakdown insurance? If you live in areas that require you to have this coverage, then the insurance company that provides your regular insurance policy likely does not cover damage that occurs due to circumstances out of their control. If you are traveling out of your state or out of the city limits, then you need to purchase this coverage from a roadside assistance provider. Some of these roadside assistance providers have services covered in their mechanical parts packages so you will not have to worry about this coverage if you have this type of service available to you. 

How much does this coverage cost? Depending on what type of service is included in the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance policy, the price could range anywhere from one to five dollars per mile. Most policies would also cover the vehicle's fuel and other liquids consumed while being towed or repaired and will also reimburse you for the rental fee of your vehicle if you

choose to rent a vehicle to use for the repairs. Many companies may require you to purchase this coverage if you want to take advantage of the warranty portion of their service plan. 

What is mechanical breakdown insurance? If you want peace of mind when traveling on the road, or if you are purchasing an extended warranty for your car, you should have this coverage included with your vehicle purchase. The price you pay for this type of coverage depends on many factors including the coverage you select, the vehicle you own, and the amount of miles driven. If you purchase an extended warranty for your vehicle, you may want to think about purchasing additional coverage that will provide coverage for the damages done by the breakdown of the car as well. Some may have it included, others may be limited to it. Do your research to determine what is best for your situation.

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