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What are the possibilities of eSports in India? Are they likely to become a popular sport like cricket or football? This question has been on everyone's mind, and there have been many debates about it. The future seems promising because people are slowly getting more and more interested in eSports as a hobby.

The problems facing this sector are numerous, with regulations being an issue for many developers due to India's strict censorship laws. Despite these challenges, some success stories from wildz.com show how gamers can benefit from their hobby in other ways like boosting creativity or gaining better mental health. This blog post shares the challenges and future of the gaming industry in India.

Challenges facing the Indian gambling industry

Indian Gaming industry, as a result of rapid growth in the past few years, is facing challenges that must be solved to ensure healthy progress. The challenges are:

Poor Quality Equipment

A serious issue faced by the gaming operators is the poor quality or falsification of casino equipment. There are about 90 licensed casinos spread across the country, and each one has several tables. The primary issue is the quality of casino equipment, especially gaming machines (slot machines) supplied by local manufacturers to these casinos.

 For obvious reasons, such a significant chunk of their revenue depends on them. These gaming machines have continuously been used for long durations without proper maintenance or service while in operation. Poor quality and fake parts are used in these machines, which leads to an overall decline in the performance of gaming equipment over a long time.

Non-compliance with international standards

Another severe issue presently faced by them is regarding non-compliance with international standards. The local manufacturers do not comply with the international standards set for casino equipment, thereby putting the life and limb of the casinos' customers at risk.

 Recently, the government has issued orders to cease all operations of slot machines made before a specific year due to improper wiring and poor quality switches. It has led several gaming equipment manufacturers in India to take measures against this loophole. Many electronic machines are now being wired up with micro-switches, which are much safer than traditional types.

Exploitation by Suppliers

The exploitation by suppliers/manufacturers is another pain point the industry is facing. It has become a routine for suppliers to play around with the price and quality of products in exchange for a share in casinos' profits. It affects both new and established casino owners as well. Suppliers also manipulate customers into buying poor-quality equipment by stating that there is no market for high-quality products.

Low income

There is also another issue of employment that Indians need to address, which regards the wages paid. Many new casinos have started in India within the last few years but are not complying with wage guidelines set by The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 and The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965. It is a significant problem for company employees as they do not receive the proper salary or gratuity once their organization has terminated them.

Get to know the future of the gaming industry in India

For example, one of the most played video games is 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And this game is not just being played by gamers but also by random people who want some entertainment since it requires less investment than traditional sports. In addition, many new players have started following Counter-Strike tournaments due to its popularity.

Gaming offers jobs

While the Indian government has yet to regulate this industry, game studios are mushrooming in India and finding who has a passion for gambling.

The gaming industry has been gaining popularity globally over the last few years and is considered one of today's fastest-growing industries. With every game release, the gaming industry is a big player with consoles like Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii raking in profits.

 India is now looking to cash in on this lucrative business and has over 20 game development companies that have set up shop there. As per reports of Frost & Sullivan, New Delhi—the city is emerging as one of the top destinations for gaming companies globally.

Ever since the gaming industry took off in India, game studios are on a recruitment spree. Some of the big names include Gameshastra, which offers CD designing and production services; GameGurus (which features well-known titles like 'The State Of War' and 'Tiger Mission').

India-based tech company GameGurus has developed the first Indian-developed animation-adventure game, 'Crisis in the Kremlin.'

The corporate sector also invests in the gaming industry to promote its brand and create a buzz around them. For instance, recently, Sony Ericsson agreed with Gameshastra to develop games based on its mobile phones.

Gaming as a means of entertainment

Gaming is a form of art where players use their imagination to explore new worlds and realms. They are part of the game itself or sometimes play just for fun. Whatever may be the reason, it cannot be denied that gaming has become one of the most common sources of entertainment throughout the world. There are many types of games categorized based on the platforms, genres, and such. Each class is designed differently to accommodate players of different preferences.

These games may be played individually, but many provide multiplayer options to play online or offline. Gamers can either choose to play independently or team up with other gamers to explore new worlds. It is what makes gaming unique, the people involved in it, and the formed online communities.


The current growth and expansion in this industry will only be sustainable if these issues are adequately addressed.  It is essential to have transparent yet flexible policies to accommodate the evolving needs of this industry. It will be beneficial if these policies help regulate casino activities and enhance Indian gambling standards as per international norms. All stakeholders, including regulators, employees, operators, vendors/suppliers, need to come together and work towards a better future for the industry.

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