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In some parts of the world the restrictions that have surrounded having to live with Covid19 are tentatively being lifted even though the threat of lock-down still looms if the virus begins to increase again and this uncertainty has meant that great swathes of the hospitality industry like theatres, casinos and bingo halls remain close for the time-being.

 For some people this is not a problem but if you take a look in more detail at one of those environments, say the bingo halls, then you begin to realise that not only is it the game that is missing from peoples lives it is the friendship and all the laughter that goes with it. 

Bingo has always been the most social of games, a place where people visited to catch up with friends and family, enjoy a few laughs whilst being in with the chance of a win and over the last decade or so the local bingo halls have evolved to incorporate themed and party nights which have encouraged a whole new type of bingo player through their doors.

 The Rise of Online Bingo 

The lock-down has meant playing bingo in the conventional way is out of the window so many players have turned online consequently we have seen the amount of online sites increase alongside demand which is great news for the consumer but it can also make things far more confusing when trying to find a site to play at.

Just like anything else not every single online bingo site is true and fair or of the highest quality, so that is why it’s best to go here for all of your online bingo needs as is your ‘must go to’ website for all of your bingo requirements on sites like Wink Bingo. 

Why Use and Online Bingo Comparison Site? 

Well, there are not many of us that have not used an online comparison site when we are shopping online, whether that is for new car or home insurance, white goods, vacation destinations in fact practically anything you might spend money on can be checked-out and that includes online bingo sites. 

Staffed by a team of bingo enthusiasts and experts means that all the sites included on will be tried, tested, rated and ranked and will include an independent, unbiased review which can be read for its useful information. 

With years of experience in the bingo industry the reviews know exactly what makes a good online bingo sites into a great one, one that is worth your time and effort and that is why reviews can be worth their weight in gold as they save a great deal of your time and effort, which could be spent doing other things, like enjoying your games. 

There is nothing worse than spending time at an online site only to find out after a couple of hours that it did not really suit your needs so spending a little time beforehand reading up on the sites that interest you the most makes a great deal of sense. 








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