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Online casinos need a license to be able to offer their services legally to players from various European countries. Many have chosen the Malta Gaming Authority as the licensing body, as it is perceived as one of the most respected worldwide. Online casinos and bookmakers catering for UK players need a license from the UK GC and the same happens in many European nations. Having said this, the MGA license is usually enough for most gambling operators to project an image of trustworthiness.

A safe and predictable legislation

One of the most important things for online gambling operators is predictability. Being able to develop long-term plans and build effective strategies that span over multiple years is essential in this highly competitive industry. Over the years, Malta has emerged as a country with predictable and reliable legislation. The Malta Gaming Authority acts with firmness without being heavy-handed and works closely with lawmakers to create a secure environment for both companies and players.

International online casinos, bookmakers, lotteries and bingo rooms which can be found here, need some guarantees to justify their large-scale investments. Knowing that the laws don’t change overnight and that the attitude towards gambling remains favorable in Malta, encourages them to invest larger amounts. They also know that the MGA license is regarded as highly reliable by European players, so they are more inclined to choose a casino licensed by this regulatory body.

The costs associated to acquiring the needed license are relatively low and the licensing system itself is not too complicated. Malta has had plenty of time to fine tune its licensing system, as it was the first European nation to regulate iGaming. Over the last 15 years, it has improved its laws and licensing system to better serve players and casinos alike. Punters get the peace of mind needed to enjoy the gaming services to the fullest, knowing that if they are mistreated, they can rely on the MGA.

Low taxes and higher education

Online casinos also choose Malta because of the reasonable taxes, which don’t hurt their profit margins. Many operators chose to relocate from other countries where the industry is heavily taxed and many restrictions apply. The costs of acquiring a game license are also factored in by gambling operators when they decide where to set their headquarters. It comes as no surprise that so many online casinos are based in Malta, since the direct and connected costs are much lower here.

The quality of the Maltese educational system is also appreciated by online casinos and bookmakers. Local universities provide a steady flux of highly trained specialists needed by the gambling industry, such as lawyers, developers and accountants. This means that Internet gaming operators can count on an educated and rapidly expanding workforce to fuel their needs for growth. All in all, Malta is a prime destination for online casinos and bookies seeking a respectable license and predictable gambling laws.

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