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Outsourcing in eCommerce is more common now than it has ever been before. Outsourcing will not only improve the quality of work, the efficiency that goes behind getting work done as well.

Outsourcing involves delegating different divisions of your company, like sales, customer service, and technical support to sources outside of your local set of employees. 

There are countless benefits to outsourcing, this guide breaks down the essentials for getting started with outsourcing for your eCommerce business. We will be giving you 5 different things to consider when starting to outsource different roles in your company.

Provide Multiple Ways to Reach Your Customer Service

Since you have a larger workforce due to outsourcing, you can now expand on the ways that customers reach out to your business. Consider opening up different platforms for customers to reach you, platforms like chat support, live inbound calls, live outbound calls, emails, and sms.


By giving your customers more ways to contact you, you give them the opportunity to be heard and feel like they are part of the improvement of your eCommerce business. Customer service and Sales, when given multiple platforms can immediately improve how your business operates, with the correct staffing, you can make sure no concern goes ignored and no opportunity for a sale is missed. 

Set a Quality Standard for All Outsourced Work

Making sure that all your staff is operating at the same level is very important to maintain a solid brand image. Your outsourced material should be trained to operate at the standard that your in-house employees do. As much much as possible you will need to set a standard when it comes to the quality of service that your employees provide, both in-house and outsourced. 

Standards that must be set are built around a code of conduct, how employees interact with customers, how processes are followed for different interactions, and how to document each interaction accurately.

Monitor All Work Coming from Internal and Outsourced Employees

Documenting all work and processes that are actively happening between your internal and outsourced employees is essential to make sure that all work is aligned. Documenting interactions can assure that there is no misunderstanding between employees and customers who have dealt with either in-house or outsourced employees. Having a team of people to make sure that all work is up to par with the standard that is set can greatly improve the work the goes on between all the employees.

Training and Familiarization

Training outsourced employees and making sure they are familiar with the processes that your company already has in place is very important. It is a way of standardizing the knowledge between in-house and outsourced work. It is very important that all employees operate at the same level of knowledge so that customers won’t go through the awkward phase of asking if the employee is a fit representative of the company.

Training involves proper customer service procedures, language that is commonly used in the industry, product familiarity, de-escalating situations with irate customers, and even problem-solving processes that can help your employees solve any concerns that your customers may have with your product. The more familiar the employees are, may they be in-house or outsourced, will easily improve how well they can discuss your product with different types of customers they may interact with on a daily basis. 

Consider outsourcing for your eCommerce business, it will improve your service, expand your network and even provide you with less of a workload to worry about. You will have enough people to meet the demand of service from your company with no issues at all.

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