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Most people want to look and feel their best at all times. The top deterrent keeping people from staying fit is the lack of time they have to devote to themselves.  Life as we know it is faster than ever. People are constantly busy with work, home, children, and activities. To many, there is just no time to drive to a gym, get in a good workout, and drive home.

For some, creating an at-home gym routine is the solution they need. A home gym setup sounds expensive, but what people don’t understand is that you can still get a great workout with minimal equipment, especially if you are just starting out in your fitness journey. As build consistency and lift heavier weights you may eventually want to invest in a squat rack … but for now, bands and a few dumbbells will do it justice.

Use this guide to give you ideas on how to set up the perfect home gym.

The Perfect Home Gym

To have the best workout, you need to think about both cardio and resistance training exercises. Paired together, you will get the best workout. Cardio helps with your overall heart health and will get your body moving. Resistance training is just as important and helps with strengthening your muscles and joints.

At-Home Cardio Solutions

The rage lately, has been a stationary bike with the screen, the brand name costing over $2,000 plus a monthly subscription fee to stream classes. Many people can’t afford cardio equipment at home.

Cardio does not always mean running either. A lot of people do not like to run or may have bad knees preventing them from running.

If you find yourself in this boat, just walk around the neighborhood everyday. Find routers that offer some incline and if you have access to a stairwell or set of stairs, walk or run up and down them for 20 minutes. These are free ways to get cardio in.

At-Home Resistance Training Solutions

Setting up a full home gym can be a space hog. Many people are apartment living these days and can not commit a full room or garage to a gym, or they do not want to clutter up their bedroom or living room. A great solution to have resistance training equipment at home is to invest in resistance bands, booty bands, and a few sets of dumbells.

With a solid set of resistance bands, you can do practically any workout. Resistance bands can be used for chest, leg, back, arm, and butt exercises.

At-Home Class Solutions

With technology and the internet, it is easier than ever to bring training into your home. Find a streaming service that offers a multitude of classes and trainers. Find a class that offers a trainer with a style you enjoy along with a music playlist that will get you pumped. You will not like every trainer’s style but once you find one that you thoroughly enjoy, you will find yourself looking forward to the workouts every day. It doesn’t matter if you stream a weight class, high-intensity interval training class, or yoga. Having a professional guide you through the workout will give you confidence, teach you the right form, and will give you that extra push that you may need.

No Excuses Anymore

Now that you understand the best way to incorporate home workouts, there are no longer any excuses preventing you from making strides towards your health and wellness goals. By putting in a little effort each day, eating right, and making commitments to yourself, you will get yourself into a routine and see results. The results will not come overnight but as you continue to build consistency and implement workouts as a part of your daily life, you will see and feel great.

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